Doing Business: Payment Processors

USCCA offers lots of help finding guns, training, accessories, and legal help. However, any suggestions for choosing a friendly payment processor for members that have a business or sell things online?

To get something paid for online, you need a payment processor. They need to comply with the law. However looking at the terms and conditions one might wonder if they are trying to comply with the law or going further and implementing their ideology. Ideology is fine, but unfriendly payment processors increase business risk that entrepreneurs should be aware of.

A current events example: A conservative twitter account user that became popular recently had a conflict with their payment processor. The processor claimed it was an accident and fixed it. However, one might ask if it was an “accident.”


Dan Bongino is part owner of a conservative based payment processor.


Both USCCA and use Stripe. I do not recall what EventBrite or Shopify use, although Shopify radio ads claim they have a fleixible processor policy. I am not particularly fond of Stripe, but have no choice as I need to use USCCA and have chosen ShootingClasses as the most responsive site for my business.