Does the type of ammo matter?

I am declining to click the link, but, he was out on the streets after attempted murder charges and THREE gun possession charges this year alone??

Yes, because New York.

“Advice I read on the internet, sir. The same place everybody gets their wisdom and counsel, eh?”

Bad guys carry mixed loads because it’s what they pick out of the seat cushions in their stolen cars, or from police evidence lockers, or shoplifting — it’s not a tactical choice until learned as part of the mythology.

However justifiable in the face of imaginary objections, I still think it’s pretty clear that mixed loading is not a sound practice.

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The criminal from the New York post article had 8 rounds in a 15 round capable firearm or 11 round capable if it was a restricted capacity magazine. It looks like the ammunition was selected from what would be found in seat cushions rather than purposely alternated.

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Do prosecutors really regularly get magazines loaded with Federal HST or Speer Gold Dot every other round?