Does the start of the day determine what gun you carry?

I have three guns for my concealed carry and it depends what I wear and where I’m going to be in Florida. I have Springfield XDM compact 9mm, Springfield XDS mod 2 9mm and a Colt MK4 series 80 .380.

I live in Naples and I do a lot of traveling the state and when I travel I have with me my XDM compact.

If I’m going to stay in Naples or be around the southwest Florida area it’s either the compact or the XDS.

On days in which I don’t feel like carrying appendix style I put on my bugbite and have the Colt instead.

If I’m going out at night for work I have with me my XDS because I have a light on the gun.


Yes, depending on my activities for the day, it does determine what or if I carry.

And I’m sure I’ve woken up several mornings and thought to myself…dang…it’s going to be an AR15 sort of day…better sling up…but those are just thoughts and never makes it to my selection criteria, lol.


Oh yeah, I say the same thing about my AR-15 pistol!!



I’m still trying to wrap my head around a 5.56 or 300 bo as a pistol PDW.
?And you can drive it in the cockpit of your vehicle? …holy $#*^!

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Yes an AR pistol is a pistol and all the same rule apply. Personally I like them in 5.56, I’d rather not loose my 30 cal can for an indefinite period of time as it also works on my 308 and 300WM. The flash is a little bright even with a Krinkov flash can. FWIW in VA you can only carry ONE concealed weapon, everything in the vehicle there after must follow Fed rules for transport.




Absolutely! I carry the little Sig P365 a lot these days, at least in the summer, and depends on what my work plans are for the day.

I have carry and more range type holsters for my 1911’s. Will have to get another BBQ holster next year, when the custom gun gets here.


Yes. Any old regular day, it my 45. On a woods day/hunting, it’s my GP100.

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