Does my EDC qualify as PPE?

I certainly think it does!


I have to agree with Derrick, yes it is. It’s a tool that can keep you alive when other tools fail you. It can protect not only you, but your family, friends, strangers in distress, even the people at a grocery store. Hopefully you never need to use it, but for sure it’s good to have.
Train often, practice practice practice, learn to not only hit what you aim at, but how to reload quickly, draw quickly, and really learn when NOT to draw or fire as that’s just as important.
Grats on choosing USCCA, as it’s very good indeed to have them in your corner should the worst happen.


:thinking: interesting question…
Body Armor - YES… if you are LEO or Security Guard.
EDC tools? - I don’t think so…

Hopefully someone is able to interpret this in our favor…:


I have to agree with Jerzy in that it is both an interesting question and by OSHA standards, firearms are NOT PPE.

I do feel like it would be a great Idea to try and add firearms to the OSHA standard though as many could and would argue that in today’s current political climate, a gun is fast becoming a “necessary” piece of equipment to stay safe.


Yes, that is now the reality we live in. I still remember as a child in the 1960’s, once we moved out of the city, we didn’t worry all that much about locking our doors. Now, the only time my door is unlocked is when myself or my roommate is passing through it.
I don’t leave my home without my sidearm, and even in my home it is either on my belt, or on my desk. I hate it being that way, but I accept that this is the world we here in the USA now live in. And from watching international news, it seems we’re not the only ones, and in many places, citizens can’t even carry any form of protection.
This, to me, is the very definition of ‘bittersweet’. I’m very glad we have our 2nd Amendment, but I wish so much we didn’t need it to be safe. I wonder if I’ll ever feel safe without a gun in easy reach again.
So, I applied for and received my CCW permit. I purchased a quality handgun. I practice, and I carry. I don’t really see any other option at this stage. I hope for the best, but I prepare for the worst.


Agreed! and congrats on getting your CCW permit! Honestly, the more people who arm themselves the better our odds at fighting against the lunacy left trying to first ban firearms and now defunding police. The left wants us all to roll over and play victims and beg them for their help (as if they ever actually help anyone but their own income).

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Personally, I’m far more concerned with defending myself against the insane radical right. You know, the ones that want to kidnap and murder state governors for trying to keep Covid-19 from spreading, and from Trump’s* wingnut white supremacists and neo-nazis.
And as for taking guns, Trump is the only American president that ever indicated he wanted to do that. Don’t believe me? Search YouTube for “trump take guns away” and you’ll see for yourself.
Also, instead of just mimicking others with ‘defund police’ maybe actually look it up - you’ll find out that it does not mean what it sounds like.
All too often police are call to deal with things far outside their duties, and all too often tragedy results. They should not be called to deal with social issues unless violence is involved. They should not be shooting mentally ill people because that person is incapable of understanding their commands, but they do. Cops should not have an ‘us vs. citizen’ mindset, but they do. Cops should not have military-grade equipment, but they do. Now that last, I can see specialized teams having, as sometimes it may be needed, but not the stuff we see all too often.
The whole ‘defund police’ movement is about moving funding back to social services so every little thing does not involve having to call the cops, especially as if one party is non-white, that can cause death. Not good, man, not good.
Finally, Biden actually wants police to get more funding. So, I don’t think that means what you think it means.

So while I appreciate your congratulations on getting my CCW, I do have to tell you that assuming my political stance as being hard right-wing was not an accurate call.
And yes, liberals are often well armed and willing to defend themselves, their families, and those around them too.

P.S. Now you know why I so often request that politics be left out of firearm discussions.

Hi Richard,

I don’t make any assumptions on people’s political stance…I just speak rationally and state facts.

I certainly don’t mind that you’re a liberal. I welcome discussions with liberals and they even have influenced a change in my thinking like Michael Shellenberger who was appointed by the Obama admin to head up research into alternative energy solutions. His verdict after years was that wind and solar were bad and nuclear and coal were the safest and best solutions for the environment. Unfortunately, most want to disagree with him but with the mountain of evidence he’s collected, that’s similar to my daughter arguing that the tooth fairy left money for her for every tooth she lost.

Now, to discuss your claim that Trump wants to take guns away and eluding to democrats not…well…ok. First, every gun control organization like the Brady Campaign, Everytown for Gun safety, etc are all Democrats. Together with other democrat politicians, they work to pass laws chipping away and passing laws that honestly make so little sense that it’s laughable. To give an analogy, the democrats could pass a law saying all kitchen knives 4" in length be banned…so knife makers change and make knives 4.1". That’s how stupid it is and these politicians keep doing it repeatedly wasting millions of our tax dollars on this frivolous nonsense. I can’t think of a single democratic politician who hasn’t spoken against some type of firearm and sought out banning something. The democrats pushed for the original “assault weapons ban” that even the DOJ pointed out was utterly useless and showed no evidence of preventing violence. Yet, that doesn’t stop democrats from acting like broken records and doing everything they can to keep doing the same things over and over again and having the same lack of results. We tend to consider that insanity by definition.

Thanks for bringing up the radicals but please look up my other responses…I’m against ALL radicals, both RIGHT and LEFT! I think all radical (or extremist) behavior is unacceptable. So you fearing the extreme right…I do too!

As for the governors, you have the govs of the blue states who have mismanaged their states into the ground and like Whitmer, spoke out against the stimulus plans that don’t rescue her and others like her from the mess they put themselves in. Look at Newsom who has done everything he can do dig a grave for himself and now he is asking for aid to help save him before he buries himself. Now, I’m sure democrats will argue that this is all false…so please look for yourself and ask yourself…how much money have these governors asked their citizens to pay in taxes every year and where has that money gone? In California, they asked every year more more money to fund a high speed rail project and after millions of dollars and several years, the project was scrapped before it ever started. Where’d all that money go? I know…dems have a short term memory they forgot and don’t care because that’s last years issues. How about homeless…every year every city asks for more money to handle homeless in my state of California, or Oregon, or Washington and homless populations are getting worse. Odd isn’t it?

Let’s get back to Trump. Trump did ban bump stocks. He also said that he favors taking guns away from “people who might commit violence”. Honestly, I can’t think of a single mass shooting where I watched a democrats stand up on their soap box and demand we get rid of all “assault rifles”. Heck, Democrats coined the phrase “assault rifle” because it invokes an emotional response from people. The truth isn’t as emotionally impactful…my weapons are all DEFENSE WEAPONS. They defend my family and I and I don’t use them to “Assault” anyone. If you actually took the time to look up the definition of assault, you’d see that the only group that actually uses “assault weapons” are the military, police, and criminals because each of these groups assault someone or some group. Law abiding people don’t assault, they defend. Therefore, my rifles and handguns are all defense weapons. Democrats would rather lie and play on your emotions than be honest and that’s really the difference in the parties, Democrats use emotion to drive your vote, Republicans use facts to drive your vote.

You’re a liberal, and I’d bet you respond emotionally about any number of arguments don’t you? Let’s look at “defund the police”. It is EXACTLY what it sounds like. You can sugar coat it however you want but here’s the catch, most minority neighborhoods DON’T want to defund police because police keep their streets safer. There’s a great video on youtube where a reporter goes into Santa Monica, land of liberals and asks people there if people should have to present ID to prove who they are to vote. Most people interviewed spewed all sorts of nonsense about how many black people couldn’t get to the DMV to get a license or where unable to afford it or any number of other nonsense. Then the reporter went to Compton and showed the video and every minority was shocked liberals degrade them so and feel they’re so helpless. I’ll bet you too pandered to some group and thought they needed YOUR help to succeed didn’t you? It’s ok…I was a democrat and a liberal myself at one time before I woke up and realized how the truth I was being told wasn’t actually true.

I’d like you to do a ride along with police and then ask yourself who else could handle the situation better? Domestic disputes often turn violent…would you want a counselor to place themselves in harms way and potentially get killed? Near me there was a domestic dispute in a parking lot where a man and woman were screaming at each other. People tried to break them up, one was even a psychologist, and police were finally called. The man eventually locked themselves in the car and choked out the wife till police were forced to shoot him to save the woman. Tell me, who would be better suited to handle that? You seem to “think” you know better and yet you’ve never been placed in that position yourself or seen it first hand. You’re an armchair know it all with very little real experience i’d bet. I say that because I personally have gone on ride alongs, I know others who have also and when poop hits the fan, police are forced to react to any number of situations and they do an amazing job at crappy pay. As for cops not having “military grade weapons”…stop right there and please stop talking. please look up 1986 Miami FBI Shootout. Suspects had "Military grade weapons and officers had handguns and were decimated. Your opinion on what police should have speaks to your own ignorance of what’s out there so please just stop.

Biden has done more to decimate minorities than any candidate short of Harris. Biden passed the 1994 crime bill and the only ones trying to downplay it are democrats. Minorities know what impact it had on their community. Harris prevented new evidence in a case of a death row inmate that cleared him. It wasn’t until the supreme court forced her to allow it did she finally release the guy. Harris kept inmates long past their release dates because they were free labor. Biden has made more racist remarks than anyone since LBJ.,28804,1895156_1894977_1644536,00.html
Now we’re facing the facts that Biden and his son used their influence with China, the Ukraine, and Russia and Hunter’s own business partner confirmed the information. Meanwhile dems keep saying is disinformation then switched to it’s nothing.

listen, I’d welcome a civil conversation about what your thoughts are and share my own anytime. I’m certainly not going to dismiss your opinion but I am going to challenge any rhetoric that is false or proven to be untrue like the russia collusion, claims that Trump is a racist, or any other nonsense the left spews without facts. I don’t mind politics and I can understand your side because like you, I used to firmly believe the democratic party was the morally righteous party till I learned the truth and realized they were actually the same racist party they’ve been since they owned slaves, fought to keep segregation, trail of tears, japanese internment camps, fought against all civil rights acts till Kennedy supported the Civil Rights act of 1964 (there were at least 6 previous ones they hated), Love LBJ and yet ignore his repeated references to black people throughout his presidency as the N word, passed welfare act which led to destroying the middle class black families, support abortion while Margret Sanger has made it clear why she loves abortion (look it up), and more. Same party, same message, new marketing, same racism. Now, democrats love to play identity politics where they try and diminish “white males” as if our opinion is less than anyone else’s. Problem is, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that dems finally got on board with makes it clear we can’t diminish anyone based on color…odd how they forget. Republicans support equality. We see ourselves as all being equal and the GOP was founded as the anti slavery party and that hasn’t changed. I may disagree with my party on gay rights, and religion but I agree in our constitutional rights and equality overall. So, let me know what you’d like to disagree on and I’d welcome some civil discussion. I promise to be open minded and consider your points if you consider mine.


Now you may argue this was about a criminal, but think about this: If in the exact same conversation on the exact same subject Obama had said that, what do you think would have happened?
Only Trump* thinks blue states have been ‘mismanaged’, the truth is that red states tend to get far more federal money than they provide in tax revenue, while the blue states tend to be the exact opposite. However, I will grant you that you’ll never hear that from Fox or OAN, although the actual data is public domain.
I’m not going to go into the balance of your post, as it seems rather clear we don’t have the same sources, and yes, I do get emotional about the destruction of our nation, our international standing, turning us from an internationally respected nation to the laughing stock of the world, and the insane level of division fostered by the current GOP.
While you state that you are against radicals, right or left, I have to say that the things I’ve read on these forums the last few days have made me feel very unwelcome as a Democrat, and as I tend to very high blood pressure, I’ll probably do my best to curtail my usage of them.
Remember this though, the free press is one of the defining properties of Democratic society, and the only ones that think they are the ‘enemy of the people’ are dictators. History shows this to be true, and it’s true in 21st Century USA as well. If you don’t trust our media though, that’s fine, and sure, both sides are biased. Check out what international news has to say about the US these days. You may be shocked.
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all these :point_up: because of PPE?

:scream: :flushed: :face_with_monocle: :grimacing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :no_mouth:


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Yeah. I’m actually very close to bailing on these forums over the politics. I just want to talk about CCW, and firearms in general, but that doesn’t seem like it’s meant to be. Probably won’t be long until I give up on it.


The good thing is that we can always ignore politic posts or threads… :wink:

I’m also bored with Biden/Trump, Dem/Rep, Left/Right speeches and writings and just scan them with 2 -3 seconds without focusing.

I hope this Community will come back on the track which should be, what you have mentioned:

CCW, and firearms in general

I’m a patient man :neutral_face:


So let me ask you…what else do you have to suggest Trump wants to take our guns away? I’ve researched every school shooting as part of my profession and frankly I can cite countless cases where if a family member was successful in gaining a court order to evaluate a suspect, a mass shooting could have been averted. Unfortunately the family member’s hands were tied because the law prevents that type of overreach. So, it’s not unreasonable for anyone to say or feel we should take away the guns from people on the edge and work it out later? That’s an emotional response to an awful situation and I can completely understand it. Is that constitutional…no, but non the less we all are victims of emotion. However, once reason and logic return, we all start to think it through and consider the ramifications to such actions and what it might lead to. I too felt the same way at one point until I began reasoning that such endeavors could also be corrupted. So, am I shocked Trump too felt an emotional outrage for the same reason? Nope. However, other than this remark, what else do you have to support your claim that Trump wants to take guns away?

I think if you stopped and treated him with less hatred and more rational thinking, you’d see that your case against him is extremely thin. Now compare this to the repeated calls by democrats to “pass gun control laws”, take away “assault weapons” and any number of other calls they all speak to during any number of examples throughout history.

As for Trump being the only one who thinks blue states mismanage, no…lots and lots of people think the same. Areas that were predominately red and had a large influx of people from blue states got to see this first hand also. Areas like Portland OR which was one of the most red cities I can recall at one point had an exodus of californians move away from the high costs of homes, homelessness, drugs, etc. In less than 10 years, Portland began voting more blue and now we can see the impact such politics play with months of riots, homeless populations that continue to grow, drugs in the streets, reduction in police, and utter chaos. That all stems from the liberal ideologies that grew as the liberal population grew. Look at any major city that’s run by democrats and you’ll see homeless populations, poverty, lack of infrastructure, and mismanagement of funds. it doesn’t take but opening your eyes to see it. I travel to many of these cities and see the needles, feces, homeless, and more.

As for well run democrat cities or your wish to convey that democrat run cities are doing well, please offer some examples. I’d wager that any city you come up with isn’t what you think it is.

Our International Standing? You mean how Obama lost us our AAA rating by defaulting on our debts? Or do you mean how Obama signed out country away and lessened our own worker’s value and rewarded other countries little to no tariffs on imports causing US based companies to outsource jobs to other countries to compete? Or maybe you’d like to discuss paying countries like Iran not to make nuclear weapons and knowing they are moving their nuclear material around from one building to another because investigators could monitor the radiation levels and know material was just there…yet we paid them how much? Listen…Trump got us out of a lot of one sided deals because they were benefitting everyone BUT the USA and I’m glad. We’re starting to see jobs returning, companies are ending the outsourcing and we’re tariffing imports so that China’s government forced cheap labor is now more closely aligned to our merchandise costs.

Listen, I don’t want you to feel unwelcome…everyone is Welcome here and frankly I’m enjoying chatting with you because we can have a civil discussion without name calling and without stress. We may disagree but that’s ok. I enjoy your perspective and I’m happy to offer my own. The big difference is this, I’ve been a democrat and now I’m republican. I’ve talked to people from both sides and the one thing that remains the same is republicans more often tend to be accepting of you regardless of your position. That’s not to say everyone is, just most. On the other side of the spectrum, I used to know a lot of democrats who utterly refuse to talk to me again because I voted for Trump. They literally scream to drown out discussions or any opposing view. Maybe they’re the exception but if so, there’s a LOT more exceptions on the democratic side then the republican side.

If you don’t believe me, go to a republican event…any republican event and you’ll find you’re going to be totally fine. Now compare that to the event I recently had to walk by on my way to a meeting where I was damn near attacked just because someone asked if I was coming in and I said, “No, sorry, headed to a meeting.” Was then accused of being a racist and several other vulgar comments. It’s astounding to me how the different parties treat people. I know one long time dem who only recently left the party because she admitted to her friends that the wall in SoCal actually helped the area and lowered crime. Her friends immediately called her names and made her feel extremely unwelcome in her own dem party. So, she left and is now an independent.

As for international news, I listen and read it all the time. Australian news agencies mock Biden and Harris, UK news agencies all admit Trump has done more for our country then they every expected, Germany, who thought Trump was being Xenophobic about refugees now admits Trump was right and regrets they invited so many in. All are places I’ve lived at different points in my life along with a couple others we won’t talk about. See, I’ve lived outside the US and have lots of friends/family still in these places. I hear it all and I doubt you can cite something I haven’t heard.

Lastly, if the free press is one of the last defining properties of the democratic society, then why aren’t you up in arms about how twitter facebook/google is blocking opposing views? Why aren’t you freaking out that the main stream media is only giving you a small segment of the news that THEY choose to give? why aren’t you going ballistic over how no one is talking about issues democrats are involved in but are jumping up and down to show anything they can make up about republicans? This goes back further than just recent events. Look at Bengazi where 4 Americans were killed because Hillary chose not to act on their security recommendations and then watched as things unfolded and let it happen rather than pull in assets nearby? Explain how you weren’t enraged by her emailing scandal when that would have been the end of anyone else’s career for emailing secret information on a public server? I don’t care if its a republican or democrat, I want to know who does what so I am informed. However, democrats all choose to only talk about things republicans do wrong (and we do a lot mind you) and that’s not free press…that’s the very definition of a party run press. Listen, I don’t care if you’re democrat. I enjoy challenging you and discussing your thoughts but don’t forget…this doesn’t go both ways with most people on the left. They scream us down rather than have civil discussions and that’s absolutely wrong. we need to engage in civil discussions or we become each other’s enemy and that isn’t what anyone wants.


Richard, one thing…the press are actively making themselves the enemy of the people because time and again, rather than do their job and present the news, they cherry pick the news THEY want to present and the way THEY want to present it. Trump released his interview with the very left leaning reporter who said that the Hunter biden story wasn’t news. Keep in mind, Hunter’s own business partner confirmed the information on Hunter biden’s laptop and corroborated the stories so it is WAY more than news…it’s HUGE! and yet the reporter dismisses it because SHE and her network want to decide what to report. That isn’t free press…that’s tabloid garbage and that’s what most networks are becoming…tabloids looking to sensationalize whatever they can to earn ratings. Look up Yellow Journalism and you’ll see how what’s happening right now is exactly what happened before and was called Yellow journalism.

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PPE = Personal Protective Equipment.

It would definitely seem to qualify.

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PPE = Personal Protective Equipment … but not “action” equipment. Unfortunately OSHA doesn’t treat firearm as PPE… only equipment protecting the body from being harm (fe by firearm) is considered as PPE.