Does a gun change the person you are?

Yes it does… very much … but what makes it that way is the way America is at the moment… I hope all of us can change that …Tim

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Seriously, no. I am pretty much the same person whether I’m carrying or not.

Besides, why would.I want to mess with all this awesomeness?:wink:

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Does a gun change the person you are? Yes! But you are suppose to

change into a better educated, responsible, law abiding, and a teachable

individual that does their best in their life. To continue to serve and help

your family, community, friends, and yourself to be the best that they are

meant to be. To live at and in a higher standard than someone that does

not have a firearm. Someone that learns, protects, and trains to handle that

firearm and their equipment the best that they can.

Be the best!


I would submit that “carrying” a gun “LEGALLY” does change the person you are if you are cognizant of the increased responsibility you have taken on.

  1. You know that YOU are responsible for your actions and use of that “gun”. You become more aware of your surroundings, people and situations.
  2. You take steps to conceal the fact that you even have a “gun”. You wear different clothing, change the way you walk, approach buildings and even the way you drive your car.
  3. You take the time to practice and train even if the majority is intellectual or “dry fire”.

Carrying a gun is like a graduation from a school, fundamentally you know the basics. Until you get into the real world and utilize and experience things you have only begun to learn.

As you learn you change.




Yes, it changes you from a victim to a non-victim or from a sheep to sheep dog.

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Fundamentally I would say no. But, there is a great sense of responsibility & confidence that comes with it. It’s like “if evil comes my way today, this sword gives me a chance to fight back & hopefully survive” kind of feeling. I never feel cocky or tough but I’m also not fearful of everything & everyone. My FAITH in GOD keeps me well anchored… :v:t5:

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