Do you vape?


Anybody here vape? I’m looking in to it as a quit smoking aid. I’ve tried just about everything else. So far I’m just dabbling in it.


My grand daughter does, and my hubby sometimes. Its helping her, shes all off tobacco for more than a year. Hubby… not so much.

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I do, helped me quit my 3 pack a day habit.


I smoked for 49 years and had been smoking 3 packs a day for nearly 20 years.
On a bet, I got a prescription for Chantix
By the 4th day I had stopped. It’s been 12 years. No withdrawal, it worked where nothing else did for me.
Glad I took that bet.

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Quit smoking around 13 year’s ago and did it cold turkey as they say. It was before the Vape came out like it has.


I’m a 2 pack a day smoker. Any tips to help someone? Like PG/VG levels, nicotine content etc?

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My hubby has quit and restarted a number of times - what’s done the most long-term good for him is going to the weakest strength “lites”, counting how many he’s allocated for the day and trying to stick with that, and only smoking the first half or first 2/3 of the cigarette. He puts them out when there’s still an inch of tobacco left and crushes that so he can’t relight it.
you might try alternating vape and cigarette for a couple of weeks then when you run out of cigarettes in the carton, just don’t buy any more and stick with the vape.


You gotta find something that hits like a cigarette, I’ll take a picture of my setup. I started at 36mg nicotine, I’m now at 6mg. I don’t pay much attention to the pg/vg percents, I just find juice I like the taste of. I think this stuff I’m using now is 70/30 though. I honestly tried other methods, patches, pills and gum. Nothing worked but this, for me anyway. The setup seems to be everything though, I tried some cheaper units and couldn’t make it work for me till I got into the higher end equipment. I’m only in it about $100-125, batteries, unit, charger,etc.

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It’s called a Smok Mag, Smok is the brand name. It’s kind of funny, it has a mag release button like a pistol and the batteries go in the “magazine”.

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I have a SMOK stick with the tfv8 big baby beast tank and a SMOK Alien 550.
Everything out of the alien burns like acid, so does higher PG juice. I can’t seem to find any juice that goes above 12mg nicotine that doesn’t also have a really high PG amount either. I have noticed flavor gets pretty bland if the PG value gets too low.
I think my problem is the really low nicotine levels. I can rip on the vape all day until the battery dies and still “need” more.

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Check out Rocky Top vapor. They’re local to me, I have no affiliation, they have an online store. I know they do 18mg, not sure about anything higher. The girl who mixes their juice makes some pretty good tasting stuff. They make some premium stuff, but I think 12 is the highest. Their house blends have some higher nicotine levels though.

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The mom in me wants to chime in here and say vaping is terrible for you too… :frowning:

We all have our not-so-healthy vices, so I’ll just say be safe and healthy!


Don’t smoke or vap

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I don’t but my son in law does!! It helped him quit! It helped him eventually lower his nicotine levels until he was at 0 but still vapes because a lot of the flavors have 0 nicotine!!

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I don’t vape, and the only smoking I do is the occasional BF Goodrich.

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I actually laughed out loud at that! Everyone in the office around me looked at me funny :slight_smile: :red_car::dash: :police_car: :police_car:


@Dawn, I did too :smiley: :joy:

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