Do you shave?

​this was rather humorous… a razor company said they were not woke enough so…


I think this is great. Especially since they bought advertising space across from Harry’s Headquarters. His explanation of why they did this is also illuminating.


Charlie Kirk interviewed Jeremy a couple of days ago about this ad. Worth a listen, too.
3.23.22 Show
Starts at about 2:33


To good. But I use a KA-BAR. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, you and Crocodile Dundee. :wink:


This might actually work, he IS playing to the majority, not a miniscule minority that have figured out how to look way way bigger than the are.


Not since Covid-19


No, but I did order a founders kit.


I love how The Daily Wire is fighting back.


lately there have been videos of phone bank set ups used to submit complaints from many fake accounts…

think in many ways that this has been going on for some time now…

and the number of videos showing voter fraud is increasing daily… so???

is this a case of fraud all around??? have we the people been getting scammed?


I shave the way God intended with a work of art in one hand and a river next to me.


And now Jeremy’s company Daily Wire has its own article, with link to the clip of his appearance on Tucker Carlson:
Tucker Carlson Reacts To Jeremy’s Razors Launch: ‘You’re Not Just Complaining, You’re Providing An Alternative’


Hey OldDude49, THANKS !!! Thank you for your post!

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what’s this thank you stuff??? MONEY!!! a whole $0.25!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAaaaa

Shaved once or twice after leaving Army, Have a had beard every since. Covers up some reminders from those days. :us:


I use to have a membership with Harry’s. And it somehow got canceled. And when I saw the ad for Jeremy’s Razors. I looked into them. And his razors have 6 blades not 5. And you can have them sent to you when you need them on a timed bassist. I had it with Harry’s. And it worked out good for me. I did the same with Jeremy’s. I’ll get new razors every 3 months. But to get them you do have to become a member and buy the whole set to get the razors. And the first buy is around $59.95 +shipping and taxes. Them you set how often you want new razors sent to you. And then you’ll also know what the price will be as well. My every 3 mouth will be around $18.00 every 3 months. And it beats the $30.00 I’m now paying for 4 Fusion blades from Gillette refills. And if you buy now you also become a Founding member as well. My order is going to be some time in June. Which is fine. I won’t need new razor blades until then anyway.

I had to have a carotid artery cleaned out and got a nerve damaged during the procedure so the feeling in part of my neck left for parts unknown.
I wouldn’t know if I cut myself now so I stopped shaving.
It’s like being on a 24 hour camping trip.
It hides the scar anyway.