Do you have an evacuation plan?

I have lived, off and on, along the upper gulf coast most of my life. Been through enough hurricanes that I’ve left ahead of the storm or stayed to ride it out, and hind sight says I totally miscalculated a number of time. Last week when I saw these two storms had Gulf Shores, Al in their collective sights I headed down prepped my beach property and moved my boat inland. Turns out I guessed wrong and now have to go back down a put things back to normal. I’ll do it again when the next storm heads my way. FWIW, I have more first aid kits and fire extinguishers than I know of. Last time I checked in one boat it had 4 first aid kits and 3 Fire extinguishers, this in a 21’ Boston Whaler Conquest. My friends who hunt and fish with me often joke and say, “we never worry about needing anything 'cause Bill will have 2 or 3 extra’s.” Of course a first aid kit here in Alabama equals a roll of duct tape, a tube of sho-goo, and these days some flex-shield spray.


We don’t have a plan as much as the tools, knowledge and adaptability to prevail a disaster be it weather or another type.


We usually have enough notice. Twice we have been at the edge and almost had to evacuate. One year we went and bough a bunch of air filters and put them in every room of the house. going non stop.