Do You Fly the American Flag?

Absolutely. Daily.


Brother, you are on the team.


Every day.

35 foot flagpole with a 6 X 10 flag flying. Lit at the top at night and an eagle with a 3 foot wingspan as the truck


Has anyone here seen the ginormous American and Texas flags just west of Dripping Springs Texas? Someone paid HUGE money for these poles and flags. They’re at least twice as big as the largest flag I’ve ever seen at a Harley dealership.

My head is always spinning, they’ve got to weigh, at least 400-600 lbs a piece.

I’ll try to get photos but I’m sure the photos won’t do them justice from looking at them in real life.


Yes, I do fly the American flag. I also fly one flag of the 14 or so flags of the OLD SOUTH. I installed a 25 foot flag pole just to fly the flags of the OLD SOUTH, a different one every week I also have a 30 foot power pole with the state flag and a “DO NOT TREAD ON ME”


Yes I do


Everyday with respect on days of half staff.
I chose to buy my American flag from an American company in New Jersey.
Sadly… some purchase American flags wherever they happen to shop and most of those flags will say “made in China”.
Going to fly an American flag?
Then we should support those within.


My replacement flag.


I didnt mention, I have a couple very special flags. One is an old 15 Star, 15 Stripe flag that was given to me. It is the Flag that was carried by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

I have a flag that was flown over the White House and presented to my Grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary.

And I have a flag given to me by a flight crew with the Dust-Off Unit who carried it on a mission and presented it with a signed photograph of the crew holding the flag in front of the chopper. They gave it to me for sending them so many care packages.

And the flags from my Granpas funeral from the Navy and my Dads funeral from the Air Force.


24-7-365. :us:


24/7 along with the thin blue line flag! well, that is when the wind doesn’t knock down my pole and i have to fix it. i am actuall going to have to invest in a real cement in the ground pole and do it right someday!


I will never fly a Marxist flag. 2 days ago, the American flag became one of those. My wife and I discussed this and prayed about it for days. Then we changed our voter registration to NPA and struck and cased the colors. Now I fly HISTORICAL flags and CHRISTIAN flags and banners only. I will also stop rendering honors and saying the pledge. Heartbroken, but resolved to live with integrity even if we are the only ones left.

@Ken38 No, IMO the Stars and Stripes isn’t a Marxist flag, far from it.

The BLM flag is a Marxist flag. That accursed black flag with raised Communist / Soviet fist. That is the flag that deserves no respect. Another flag that deserves all the spite we can muster is the Antifa flag – name, philosophy and flag stole lock stock and barrel from 1930’s Germany.

That you struck your colors and no longer will say the Pledge makes me sad.

One of the first actions the Leftists / Communists took 20, 30 years ago was to having schools stop saying the Pledge.

Think about this carefully: Right now, the Stars and Stripes is very much a rebel flag. The Left doesn’t fly it. Only the Right does.

When the Left does fly it it isn’t by choice, it’s by necessity.

I fly mine now more than ever, even though its placement is less than optimal – east winds will foul the flag atop the roof. I need to put in a proper 20’ flagpole set into concrete in the middle of the front yard. What I have now is just a wall bracket.

I fly the Stars and Stripes out of spite, pride and rebellion now… I spent 10 years of my life defending that flag and its country.

Our flag is not, and never will be, a Marxist flag.


Because I can!


I fly ours with a solar light for nighttime illumination. It flies all year long. My husband is a retired Marine. My brothers all served in the Army. My father is a Vietnam Era Vet. My grandfather was a Navy Seabee, stationed in the Philippines, during WWII. Over 50% of my 4th and 5th GGFs fought as Patriots to establish this nation during the American Revolution. One of my 4GGFs lived to be 120 (!), and he fought in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and some of the other battles between those 2 wars! I owe it to all of them to fly the flag of the country I love. I absolutely LOVE being an American. Yes, things look rough, but there is still no other country I would want to call my home.


Elected Marxist party to run ALL branches of government = Marxist country. And that country’s national flag is a Marxist flag. It’s actually quite simple.

Every Day…


Only if we let them have it as such. This flag is our flag until the last one of us draws their last breath. Heartbreaking to see people already thinking the Stars and Stripes is a Marxist symbol. If that’s how you truly feel, then go quietly, peacefully into that good night.

Besides, that bunch would rahter burn the flag than defend / fight for it.

SMH. You, of course, do what you feel you must. I will continue to fly it with renewed pride. And the Left will continue to hate the flag, everything it stands for, and all who defend it and that for which it stands.


Fly, the Red/ White / Blue, Gadsden, and the State Flag, and I’m thankful to all who have sacrificed to let me do it!


Welcome to the family @TennTux and you are blessed to be here.

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