Discussing global warming

Interstingly, there is much misinformation regarding global warming, or global cooling (as recent as '77, or do, we were heading for a new ice age) and effects on wildlife etc. Most of these are scare tactics from the environmental groups in order to get you to donate money. The “beecopalypse” comes to mind. While there was a hive collapse issue for a while, things have stabalized and there are more bees in the world today than before the issue began. Yet newsmedia, environmental groups, and governments continue to lie about it. I’m not saying we’re not seeing a warming trend, but the cause of it is what is in question. Is it us? Is it solar activity cycle related? Is it the fact that the earth orbit around the sun is not perfectly round and we’re at times closer to the sun than other times. Is it the fact that we put concrete and asphalt everywhere? I don’t know the answer. Maybe a combination of all those things and more. Will EVs reverse the trend? Heck no.


One of the funniest things to happen in the last few years was how the left was pushing polar bear extinction because of global warming. Then that guy stood up at one of the rah rah meetings where they were crying for the polar bears and said the polar population is growing thanks to global warming. I still think of that and laugh.


here’s your feel-good for the day

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Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. The numbers are beyond insignificant.


It’s a dynamic planet. Once our civilization is turned to dust life will go on without us just like it did before us!

Eventually, in another 4-5 billion years, our sun will die and bloat out in its death throes incinerating our little mud ball.


The big hoax! I’m still waiting on the ice age that was predicted in the 70’s.


Nope we’re gonna become interpanitary

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We gotta get our $#!+ together to make that happen though!

As a species, modern humans have been around for a couple million years.

If we can successfully not annihilate ourselves in the next thousand years we might stand a chance of colonizing another planet in our own solar system.

Technology needs to advance significantly before we can even consider traveling to another star system.

Our current space technology is simply too detrimental to our physical health to make interstellar travel possible. (Not to mention far far too slow)

I’ll be happy to see exploratory manned missions back to the moon, and possibly Mars in my lifetime.


We will have to be able to build toroidal space craft for spin induced gravity or discover artificial gravity. The time it would take to get to Mars, and back, would induce so much bone loss that it would be next to impossible to do two way trips. The human body needs gravity to keep strength and bone density viable/livable.

Edit: Is my sci-fi geek showing :rofl::joy:


Yes it is! :+1::sunglasses:

The other issue is radiation shielding, those who have done extended missions on the ISS have done so in low earth orbit where our magnetosphere shields most of the stellar radiation.

Deep space is much harsher radiation environments.

It’s thought that we could put our water and waste storage in the “skin” of the craft as water is one of the best radiation shields….

Yep, go flying through space, your pee will protect you! :flushed::face_vomiting: (actually your poo, urine is recycled into drinking water)



As I stood in the line at the grocery store looking at the $3.00 bottles of water that said 100% recycled materials I had to wonder, was the water recycled?
(I’m not adverse to recycling sewage but some are, RO is a wonderful thing)


I have a RO tap in my kitchen, love it.

As for its environmental impact, well, that’s an awful lot of filtration for just a hundred gallons of water per day,… (I use maybe 3gal/day of RO)


Not my opinion at all, but science opposite to climate alarmisms exists, and it says - we live in the coldest time in the last 10000 years, and past bouts of warmth, in 1000s AD, and in Roman times, had only left good impressions from contemporaries. As well as one during stone age. I want to see more discussion of how warming and increase in CO2 are good for humanity.


According to the scientists RO is cleaner than fresh water. But what did they have to do to the water to make it that clean? Many are up in arms about GMO food, what are they doing to the water?

If we want to get techy, we need a device like on Star Trek that can turn energy into food. Rearranging the atoms, molecules into whatever food/meal you want.


Global warning does exist, so does global cooling. Causes?


Cooling…. Volcanos, Volcanos, Etc.
- 43 B.C.E Roman Empire Climate change (17 years)
- 1816 “The year without summer”
What was the “Year Without a Summer”?
- The Little Ice Age (c. 1300-1850)
The Effects of the Little Ice Age (c. 1300-1850) - Climate in Arts and History

Idiots Guide to predicting future “nightmares”!!!

  • 1960’s Oil gone in 10 years!
  • 1970’s Another Ice Age in 10 years!
  • 1980’s Acid Rain will destroy all crops in 10 years!
  • 1990’s The Ozone Layer will be gone in 10 years!
  • 2000 The Ice Caps will be gone in 10 years!
  • End result of all of the above = MORE TAXES, and more Government Grants for the predictors (who can’t find a real job)!

It’s literally a filter, nothing more.

Granted, the level of filtration is on a nearly molecular level and it won’t allow even single cell organisms like viruses or bacteria through (way bigger than a handful of molecules)


I don’t know. My mom was on a city council a Cpl times. She used to talk about how the city was constantly in need of a certified person to check the levels of chemicals still in the water after sterilizing it. Could be it’s a small town without the $$ to upgrade to such a system with the new filters.

I remember one news story about how a crop was infected with salmonella because the outhouse the workers used was only 30’ away. If 30’ of earth isn’t enough to filter sewage is micro filtering? I don’t know.

If this is the “best and brightest” our country has to offer, god forbid these
f—kers are allowed to breed, we won’t find our way to the launchpad!



It depends on the filter some use chems others dont


“RO can remove 95-99% of dissolved salts (ions), particles, colloids, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens from feed water. An RO membrane rejects contaminants based on their size and charge. Any contaminant with a molecular weight greater than 200 will likely be rejected by a properly running RO system.”

Without the addition of any chemicals…