Did you buy your first handgun in order to protect your bride? Your family?

If the government and the police would simply do what they signed up for, this would all go away in no time. It is allowed, so it will continue, and likely grow. As a country, we’re doing it to yourselves. And if it goes on long enough, a whole generation will think this is normal.


I bought my first house (prior military, rented previously) in the beginning of the pandemic. After things unfolded during that time, i decidedi nedded a weapon to protect myself and my family.
The decision had already been made, then our neighbor, a former NFL foot ball player moved out and a new neighbor moved in. Within 2 weeks, my wife overheard them talking about guns and drugs at 2am in the back yard. I knew i had made the right decisionsl and was glad i soon had my weapon at home and ready for use.


Time to move???


Nah. I can take care of myself and it’s just myself and my wife.
If we had kids living with us, we’d already be gone or they would.


Welcome to the family brother @Brad76 and you are in the right place at the right time.