Did the Red October just park outside Cuba?

Things are getting a little too close for comfort.


Curiouser and curiouser.


It seems Russians have been busy. This ranks right up there with Seawolf and Virginia class. Be afraid, very afraid. This thing is small, fast and deadly. Surprisingly small crew. Complement 64.
I think we just got outclassed!
4 years on LA class submarines. We were badass!
No more “crazy Ivan’s” required. Spherical and flanking sonar?
Red October without the “caterpillar” drive!

Need proof, not that I trust MSM, but they are here!

According to 60 Minutes , unnamed Pentagon officials claimed that Severodvinsk on her maiden deployment[27] “slipped into the Atlantic Ocean and for weeks evaded all of the attempts to find her” in the summer 2018.[28]

All I can say, is we would have found her!

I think we’re in for some serious sh#t!


I can confirm being badass on LA class boats. Virginia and Seawolf do outperform the LA class.


Too bad we don’t have a JFK in office right now. History is repeating itself.


We better play vary close attention to what is going on with them. They are literally at our back door.


Maybe our decision to offer NATO membership to the Ukraine which is on their doorstep is something that they consider a threat? Just sayin’ - we might be provoking this. Our genius leaders seem really good at stirring the pot. Who is the aggressor? Maybe it is time we consider putting leaders in place who understand diplomacy and human nature.


Most of the world has until November to get to anything devious. The clock is ticking.


Vlado is not afraid of the Biden administration. They saw what happened in Afghanistan, They are watching what’s going on in Ukraine, they are listening in on our weakness in Israel/Gaza. It all adds up to weakness, do nothing, have the under secretary to the assistant Pentagon janitor write a strongly worded letter of apology and ask them “if you don’t mind would you like hide that thing so the unfriendly media can’t show the sheeple pictures…”.


As I understand it, NATO not advancing eastward towards Russian territory through recruitment was an agreement made to stem Russian aggression in Europe.

I’m sure it’s also saber rattling about US approval to use US supplied weapons to fire on targets inside Russian borders.

Putin is okay with striking outside his own borders,… but doesn’t like getting hit back. :cry:

Fingers crossed as WWIII approaches that all the world leaders can keep their fingers off the big red button!


A deeper dive into Putin’s psyche shows he’s aggressive but still in charge of his faculties. He already preemptively struck by getting Biden into office and creating the world in which we live.

Our own cold civil war is part of the Putin plan. My problem is our muppet ( no offense to the muppets ) in office is the one more apt to order the button pushed. We’ve all seen his anger! It’s “Red Flag” worthy!

Some of us here are keenly aware of what our counterparts are thinking on that sub. Don’t think for one minute there are no nukes available to launch. If they have to keep repeating that there are none, they are fully stocked!

Exactly like our own government telling us we don’t need 30 rounds. The more they tell us that, the more I stockpile! Not sure why, all my guns were lost in a boating accident!


They carry supersonic missiles that can reach Miami in less than 90 seconds from there.

Time for Biden to trot out is “Don’t” again. Because that works so well. Maybe the joint chiefs can stop obsessing about how to combat climate change and instead can focus on what the armed forces are supposed to be good at. Planning how best to kill our enemies.


Intereting turn of events. Biden approved Ukraine’s use of US weapons to strike military targets within Russia, Russia send sub to Cuba, China watching very closely and debating when to invade Tiawan (not if, but when). Trump saying if he is elected he will cut off Ukraine aide and let Russia keep eastern Ukraine. NATO and EU making plans to move forward without the US. A big game of chess going on.

On top of that, it’s been revealed that many of the US’s most sophisticated weapons are not effective in the Ukraine war (jam GPS signals and the weapons don’t work. Duh, who didn’t think of that?) Ukraine is being very smart, building cheap and effect weapons systems out of toys you can buy at Target and Walmart.


I was going to say: what would JFK have done?


Source please?


You mean hypersonic. From the Gateway Pundit- " The frigate and submarine combined can carry up to 80 Zircon hypersonic missiles between them, which at the Zircon’s maximum known range of 620 miles could hit the furthest U.S. target in less than eight minutes. They could simultaneously devastate the two major U.S. Navy East Coast bases of Norfolk and Mayport with no notice."



I believe that you suspect the same source that I suspect :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And currently, (at least according to public release) there is no defense against them.

Not nuclear, but still scary AF!

It’s almost comical considering,…

We went from kinetic weapons, to nuclear weapons, and back to kinetic weapons!


At this point n time, there should be nothing docked at either port! Everyone should be on station. That means hot on the tail of the Russians.

Modern submarine battle…


Yes you are correct. I used the super- when it should have been hyper-.

Still scary.