Did she really talk like that?

Asked Thursday on Board Air Force One if Biden meant the dig at Japan, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t give a direct answer. ‘I think the broader, the broader, the broader case that he was trying to make, which I think most, most leaders and allies across the globe understand, is he was trying - he was saying that when it comes to, when it comes to, when it comes to who we are as a nation, we are a nation of immigrants, that is in our DNA,’ she answered when asked if the slight was intentional - and if Biden planned to apologize.


We know that she made it to the end of the Harris public speaking courses.


Not surprised if that’s an accurate transcript.
She’s a diversity hire, checks all the boxes that don’t matter.


I have seen a few conservative analysts talking in the past few days about how the administration cannot get rid of KJP because she checks off 3 diversity categories, but that they desperately want to dismiss her.


I hate it when airheads like Jean-Pierre parrot that “we’re a nation of immigrants” B.S. I’m not an immigrant! I am a natural born U.S. Citizen. So we’re my parents, and their parents and so on. Oh by the way, that means I’m also a Native American as much as any American Indian is, in spite what the left wing brown nosing narrative is on the subject. Facts over political B.S.


THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Just cements most Pubic Officials are Stupid.
Like most actors If you take away their ‘SCRIPT’ they are LOST.
Pol’s and Actor’s should be put in cases with the disclaimer
BREAK GLASS when Bored or want a laugh.

Biden WITH a Teleprompter is still an IDIOT
Kamalalalalalalalala oh, Never mind!


“OK, we need to hire the face of the Administration, needs to be intelligent, needs to have public speaking experience and abilities, must be quick on their feet, must understand our agenda”…

“Well sir there’s this one”

“But she doesn’t meet any of the qualifications”

“Let me see. Well sir she checks all of the boxes on the application…”

“Great! She’s hired.”


Not that I am Experienced in Human Resources or anything but over the years
I have had to 'Delegate 'where certain people filled a position or Team Leader.
Looking at the Political hires today makes me understand if you have unqualified
people in positions of power it stands to reason their choices are going to be bad.
If you have a DEI based hire system THIS is just what you will get.
Unfortunately today these incompetent’s stay!
Apparently you can’t FIRE a person in .gov anymore
Well she’s Black! They’ll say, She’s Gay, they’ll say, She’s dumb as a box of rocks I SAY!

I don’t pine for ‘The Old Day’s’
but the Wash. Press of old would have chewed KJP…KBJ whatever for friggin’ lunch!
They would have chewed up Biden and called Obama on his 4rd Presidency!

It’s a strange new world we live in today.
Rules have changed
Boundaries have shifted
and Evil is in the House.


An excellent example of DEI at work.

Years ago we called it “razzle dazzle.”


Any chance the WH can replace her with that “Box of Rocks” of which you speak??


Any else miss the tall white redhead liar? :slight_smile:


Um Sir, That box of Rocks IS Karine Jean we need another breathing alternative
who’s head isn’t stuck so far up Joe’s ass she can hardly breathe.
Unfortunately the Administration hasn’t a deep bench to draw from.

They are running on fumes and everybody knows it.


This is the clown car of administrations. Quite evident when witnessing the events of the last 3+ years both domestically and abroad. They have made The United States of America a laughing stock among our allies and enemies alike.

Amateurs and/or criminals all.

I’ll stop now. I can feel the rage burning up the back of my neck!


This is the truest face of this administration.


Let’s not insult true art!

We used to call it “tap dancing”

What we’re dealing with is a wet tampon!



The movie Stripes had that phrase in it when they were showing-off at their finishing boot camp, and we have a meme thread with that same name. :sunglasses:


"Razzle Dazzle !It;s Party time! Italian style! HUH!’


Sounds like KJP has a speech impediment whereby she cannot express her thoughts without stuttering or repeating herself.

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Not to mention she incapable of answering a question.

I never give her “coolness” street cred by using her acronym.

“How’s the weather?”

“17, blue, peanuts, sofa bed, tallness…”

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