Did I see correctly?

I was just scanning Fox’s
today’s SMART NEWS" app and saw a pix of a person with what looked like an UNHOLSTERED pistol in the appendix carry position. YIKES, was I imagining it? The pix went along with an article about how many more people have gotten CCW permit.


I would have been interested to see that, I just checked Fox and at least on mine it’s no longer appearing. Well from all indicators Fox is going along with the Antigunners, except for the few Fox, such as Judge Jeannine, Hannity and Tucker Carlson, and your Financial shows Fox is going liberal overall.

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I saw that too: 1.4 million more Americans than last year have concealed carry permits, report says | Fox News

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Clearly the reporter and editor have not gotten their CCW permits or they wouldn’t have used that photo. :rofl:


He better be careful, carrying his gun like that. He might shoot off something of his down there that he wouldn’t want shot off, his pen… dix.:joy:


notice the screw and the seam of the plastic? worst thing coming out of that thing is tainted water

I actually saw a person in Rural King this weekend carrying the EXACT same way. Interesting.

:hushed::woman_facepalming::joy: … it’s a water pistol… :rofl:

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