Deputy: 2 Officers Had Chance to Shoot Uvalde School Gunman


“Officials said that a school district police drove past Ramos without seeing him in the school parking lot.

The unidentified officers, one of whom was armed with an AR-15-style rifle, said they feared hitting children playing in the line of fire outside the school”

Horrendous situational awareness by the school officer. How do you miss a guy in tactical gear with a rifle moving through a school yard when it’s your job to be protecting kids?

As to the other officers. Incredibly poor decision making. I could forgive a properly trained officer who did their best to minimize the risk for accidentally hitting my son while trying to stop a murderer in the process of trying to kill dozens of students. I can’t forgive all the officers who stood by for an hour while someone was systematically murdering those children.


“said they feared hitting children playing in the line of fire outside the school”
I guess the Risk vs Reward conversation would start here.


The way I see it the biggest risk was letting this murderer get into the school without anyone trying to stop him. I guess the officers’ reward was not risking getting in trouble for trying to stop kids from getting murdered.

I know that’s a horrendous risk to have to take but more lives were guaranteed to be lost by not taking action. And the officers would have almost certainly been protected from prosecution and lawsuits if they had at least tried to save lives.


You are responsible for every projectile you launch. If you choose to take the risk of killing children, well…would we all be so happy to tell him he made the right decision if he pulled the trigger and shot some 8 year old in the head because he’s human and missed and then the shooter went inside anyway?

I can’t keyboard attack somebody for a scenario I don’t have video or even pictures or even a layout of, when it’s described as a fleeting chance to maybe maybe not shoot children

You are right, I should not be judging individuals without all the facts. But as a group this was an epic failure with seemingly many opportunities to end this incident with significantly less loss of innocent life. But no one choose to take a chance to stop this until an hour later after most of the kids in that room were dead. I guess that is one way to increase your odds of not accidentally shooting an innocent person.

I would be devastated but would much rather hear that an officer accidentally shot my son while making a well calculated attempt to save all the children. Seems better than having to live with the knowledge that my son spent his last minutes waiting for his turn to die as the murderer killed all his
friends one after another while the officers just stood outside the door listening to the screams.


I want to know more about this “fleeting chance” (as is my usual I’m not clicking to go to the website) and how calculated a chance could have been taken based on how long that chance was.

There were no details in the article. But even if that chance out in the yard was completely unthinkable there were an eternity of minutes spent not taking other chances. In this day and age police have to assume active shooter when someone with a gun storms a school. But this was even more clear cut. This loser was shooting at random people before he even entered the school yard. He obviously wasn’t looking to take kids hostage to make some ransom demand.

All the training I have seen says confront the shooter as quickly as possible. The consequences of inaction were far more devastating than the potential consequences of action.


Philosophically Speaking, Say the first cops recognized the threat and eliminated it, fatal or not, with no injuries to anyone other than the perp. He would have been hailed a hero.
NOW, let’s say he stopped the guy but an innocent child is injured, he’d be dragged through 50 miles of poop. Accused of irresponsible shooting blah blah blah. No longer a hero but now a goat.
THEN, let’s say he shows up, lights the place up and the little poop head still get’s into the school and completes his dastardly deed. He’d be considered dangerous and incompetent.

My point is, given the complete and utter lack of details behind this attention grabbing headline, I don’t think we can declare that to be ‘inaction’

If he did the best he could to avoid hurting innocents he would still be a hero in this case as well even if the kid he accidentally injured died. The anti gun media, lawyers and maybe even the general public might drag him through the ringer but all the rest of those kids would be alive because of him.

In the final scenario where he shows up playing Rambo and hits a lot of kids then he is criminally negligent as are likely the people who trained, armed and employed him. Even if he somehow managed to stop the shooter with one of those bullets.


Well, the police, generally, are not responsible for projectiles that miss and hit an innocent person. The police have the privilege of playing by their own rules. Example: the LAPD cop shooting at a robbery suspect… missed and killed the manager of the store, then there is the 14 year old girl who was killed while sitting in a dressing room when a cop fired at a suspect and missed. These are just two of too many examples.


I SO totally disagree with you. The police are supposed to be “highly trained”. They are supposed to be able to read situations and act accordingly. These cops- all 60-- are cowards- and the chief (and all 60) should be stripped of their qualified immunity and sued into poverty.


What situation are we monday morning quarterbacking this cop’s judgment of?

Is there video?

Are there photos?

Is there a description of who was where, with distances, and timeframe involved?

What are we basing this condemnation of the officer on?

Please tell me it’s more than an unsubstantiated media headline

Police are not obligated to defend you or anyone in the public. That, after all, is why many people carry, 'cause they know that they cannot depend on the police to protect them. They may have taxpayer-funded training and gear that enables them to deal with mass killers, but they have no obligation to use that training or gear. And, to add insult to injury, they enjoy sovereign immunity for most of their actions whereas the average Joe does not.


Too many people refuse to believe this! They are willingly ignorant- even with all the departments that stood-down, retreated and redeployed leaving people defenseless.


Perhaps you should read the article again.

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As I already stated, I’m not going to media websites and giving them the traffic.

If we are goign to discuss the article in this thread, can somebody paste the article into this thread

That is why I asked if there was any more information/evidence/etc, and the response I got was no