Denver shooting

Would this have been preventable with a well-trained, well-armed populace? Or would it just have been potentially stopped sooner?

Horrible thing!!! So senseless.


I don’t believe you can ever completely stop sick people from doing sick things no matter how well armed a populace is and certainly no matter how many new laws pandering politicians pass. But the sooner these sick people run into a properly armed and trained individual the better the chances are that their sick actions come to a quick end.


A comment on the story caught my eye.

The officers might have hesitated shooting because Colorado state law was changed last year to take away their limited immunity. Now, if a police department determines that an officer acted in bad faith, they may hold the officer accountable for up to 5% or $25,000, whichever is less, of the settlement or judgment collected by a plaintiff in lawsuits. As a result, why would anyone even choose to be a police officer in Colorado now with how horribly they’re being treated?


You are correct…If not a gun…then a car, a knife, etc.