Dems Show Their Tyranny

I read this article. Then I sought out several more on the subject. This is the most blatant power-grab since FDR tried -and, thankfully, failed- to do the same thing in the 30’s over his new deal. Scary, dangerous stuff.

I hope that this action gets widely exposed to the public so that they can all see just what kind of one party rule form of tyranny the Dems have sunk to. They are willing to burn the Constitution and mangle the institutions which are the absolutely fundamental to a balanced government.

What’s next, printing presses?


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Sadly this is nothing new, FDR went to war with the judiciary as well and threatened to load the court with handpicked appointees that would do his bidding making the existing court irrelevant.

They are quickly trying to make our constitution and over 200 years of smooth governance a thing of the past in every sense.

They are drawing a line in the sand over gun control and I don’t think it’s going to work out as they are hoping.

They are showing us exactly why the 2nd Amendment is essential if we’re going to continue having a constitutional republic.


Exactly! I’m sure a revolution is coming. Sad what these tyrants are doing to America.

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I hope and pray our side can remain calm and not resort to violence and that it can all be resolved peaceably.

I’ve been to war, seen civil wars in which horrendous acts are committed and hope we can find a way to prevent it here.

If it can’t it won’t work out like those ginning it up are hoping but this country will never be the same again when it’s done.


Hopefully out Constitution and justice system will prevail. We’re not perfect as a nation but we’ve always looked to improve and to ensure liberty and freedom.

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What happened to “separate but equal”? It’s like the Democrats in Congress think they outrank the other branches and are above the Constitution.

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In large part so does the judiciary, something which Thomas, Scalia and sever others pointed out for decades was a growing problem and it has accelerated at an exponential rate since 2016 as dem’s abuse it for political reasons.

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Good point. My observations is that the left, meaning Democrats, ANTFI, socialist like the squad, and most of the media are hell bent on having it their way. They despise the flag, the National Anthem, the Constitution and above all else they despise anyone who supports President Trump. They use leftist judges, false accusations, i.e. Kavanaugh,…they exploit tragedies like El Paso to take away rights while downplaying events such as 911 by saying “oh somebody did something.” Their failure to condemn racism in their own party, and their willingness to even threaten the U.S. Supreme Court point to very dangerous times ahead for our nation. There used to be a bumper sticker that said, God, Guns, and Guts…That’s what made America great…We’re going to need all three.


We need more justices like Antonin Scalia. He interpreted the Constitution as written. (emphasis mine)

"That’s the argument of flexibility and it goes something like this: The Constitution is over 200 years old and societies change. It has to change with society, like a living organism, or it will become brittle and break. But you would have to be an idiot to believe that. The Constitution is not a living organism; it is a legal document. It says something and doesn’t say other things."

Antonin Scalia


Which brings us back to my thought on another post here. How many will say " Come and take them.

Many may say it. The important question, should it ever come to such an extreme, is how many will actually resist, and how far will they go?

Even the FBI, in reference to the left’s attack on the ICE building, are saying we are living in dangerous times. Now look at the protesters in hongkong who are protesting socialists and tyranny. They are facing an armed military. They only have fire extinguishers and their voices. Are we heading there ourselves?

Well nothing surprising here. I’m very sorry if I offend anyone in the community who may be Democrats but Democrats have been trying to hijack America since before the end of the civil war. Their party is so very far to the left now I cannot ever see it returning to normalcy. When Schumer, Waters, Cortez, and other loop d’ loos are the normal now it makes my Senator Dick Durbin seem like a Conservative. Tammy Duckworth does pretty much what Dick suggest. But we can hope and pray Bader-Ginsburg has to retire before Trump’s time is over. Not wishing her bad health but she seems like her time is nearly up. But if Ginsberg needs to retire or she dies Democrats May turn the table like republicans did when Obama was trying to get Merrick Garland appointed.

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They don’t have the Senate…it would be difficult for them to do that. But rest assured, they will make any false claim they can to prevent another Trump appointment.

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Roger that Michael @Michael7 but with the liberal Republicans in the Senate we must encompass all eligible senate votes. Liberal Republicans will vote passive and vote Present. All hands will not be on deck for a 3rd appointee.


I suspect initially it will run about 10% but when the public sees just how far the gov’t will be willing to go to take them it will go up dramatically and then we’ll really be in a huge mess.

Probably 10% of the otherwise law abiding gun owners and probably 75% or more of those illegally possessing them now.

Such laws will make reasonable people decide if their principles are really worth fighting for and it would get damned ugly overnight.

I hope and pray we are never pushed to that point because if we are there will literally be “blood in the streets”, and tens of millions of lives will be ended or destroyed.

Just watch, should they get control of the senate the first thing they’ll do when the rules committee meets is end the filibuster so they can push anything they want through on a party line vote.

I hope and believe that will change if Trump wins reelection, they’ll either fall in line or get mowed down by their own constituents simply because the left has become so extreme.

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@WildRose I do also Sir

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