Democrats: World-Class Hypocrites Living in Denial

Unlike anti-gunners, who habitually refer to themselves as “gun safety advocates,” Dixie provided links to the source of the data. A report from the University of Wyoming College of Law’s Firearms Research Center looked at the adoption of so-called “constitutional carry” laws in recent years by Republican/red states. The conclusion reached by senior fellow K. Alexander Adams was that “constitutional carry does not lead to large-scale change in homicides or in firearm suicides.”

“The doomsday scenarios of constitutional-carry opponents are not supported by social science,” Adams stated.

For those who require numbers, Adams went into detail: “The relationship between constitutional-carry laws and homicide is negative, which is the opposite of what gun-control activists have predicted. Constitutional-carry laws were associated with about 6% lower homicide rates; but, again, the result was not statistically significant. In other words, we cannot be 99%, 95% or 90% sure that this happy result was not due to chance.”

I need to say NOTHING!

Where we Go 1 We Go All!