Dem Mayor Henyard accused of launching police raids against businesses that...


Cases like this one make me more and more selective about
“Backing the blue” :man_shrugging:t4::blue_heart:


Starting a revolution!

They weren’t asking for donations, that’s clearly BLACKMAIL!
We are getting closer to November than we think!


Just another black woman, who think she’s above the law!! But, she’s going down!!!


That is the TRUTH Ted.
She has no idea Rome is Burning and she is smack dab in the middle of it.
You give a small minded racist a little power and it goes right to their head
and then they raid their own Treasury. CLASSIC! We will see all across the Country
People with their hands in the cookie jars (It’s already documented-)–just haven’t
sunk into the ‘Normie’s’ heads who voted them in). These people don’t get just how
dumb they are, they think ‘I can do whatever I want’. Nope. When the CHANGE happens
and people start saying 'Wait a minute–How come I can’t feed my family and this woman is wearing Prada in a city w/ a $23,000 a year median income??? Makes ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
How come she has a (17) Policemen detail and my little girl got raped on the streets?
From Letitia to Henyard to Fani Flagg you will see their downfall in real time very soon. From .gov
Nuicence to Mayor BoBo in NYC, They’ve run through all the Monies they were able to steal.
You can’t keep up the tremendous amount of money flowing out of the coffer’s when it is now coming in with an eyedropper. Letitia did MORE for the cause than even she realized. If NYC looses Big Investment firms like is predicted then NYC will be the Next Chicago.
Henyard starts this crap to what end? Does she think there won’t be pushback? SH** Stupid.
I see small mushroom clouds on the horizon for a lot of BLUE cities very soon.
Maybe they should defund the Police some more? Worked in Oakland amirite?

Anybody have a Fiddle to lend her?



This is very typical behavior by people in power regardless of their political affiliations. It has been going on throughout recorded history. Politicians misusing LEOs, the justice department, the FBI, etc. is just par for the course in this country.

This incident is quite tame compared to many events in U.S. history were LEOs and/or the Army were ordered by local or federal politicians to violently put down any forms of resistance against their big money backers who were forcing their employees to work under horrendous conditions for so little pay that they ended up in debt to the companies they were doing the work for. Many workers were killed for trying to stand up for their rights and more than a few of their wives and children were intentionally put down as well.


True. The “solution” requires good people to get off their couch and run for office. Turn out in municipal elections is often in the single digits, so running for and winning an election in that environment often just requires a handful of supporters to show up at the polls.

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Just a friendly reminder folks, the cops aren’t your friends, they will violate your civil rights in a heartbeat if it keeps the paychecks rolling in. “I’m just doing what I’m paid to do”, just like the cops all over the country during the Summer of Peace, just like the gaurds at Auschwitz, all just doing what they were told.