Deleted My Facebook account today

I hope so. I didn’t delete my Parler app for that reason.

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I think we know what business Trump is going to go into when he leaves office. You just have to think he’s going to get heavily involved in social media.


Was never a FB user, but a 10 year twitter user, which I deactivated my twitter account when they locked out the President of the United States. Parler hasn’t returned after being tossed by Amazon (which wife has a prime account) of which I will make every attempt at purchasing products from. Wife isn’t has hard line am I am so she’s gonna keep the account but I’m avoiding it like the plague

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I deleted my Facebook account the day Trump was inaugurated in January 2017. My sole purpose on Facebook for the 8 years I was on it was to inform everyone I could on the corruption of the Obama administration, all the information that the Liberal media refused to cover. I thought my job was done, but now I fear the amount of corruption and violations of our GOD given RIGHTS will be violated 10 fold over the next 4 years. Sadly this post will probably be deleted, because as always the “truth hurts”. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “A lie will circle the earth 3 times before the truth gets out of bed in the morning”.


yes - social media, IT as a service of some kind like hosting, cloud service provider, etc. - a competitor of the one that just booted Parler. I’d wager the wheels are already moving on it; and I see it coming up in addition to his current businesses.

Yes, it sounds like you need to delete FB. Since when does anyone need their spouses permission to delete any Social site? If she’s on your site then tell her to sign up to her own account. Hilarious, nothing complicated about that.


I deleted FB, Twitter, closed my entire Amazon account. PayPal is going too, just because. And I am researching an new OS for my phone that is open source and not iOS or Android. Currently communicating on Telegram. I was on Parler and it looks like there might be a threat to MeWe, not sure. This is all beyond comprehension.

I tried to delete my Twitcrap account and it was suspended. Joined in 2015 and had made 4 tweets. Because it is suspended it won’t let me deactivate.

For the moment trying to use my FB account to encourage my friends to move to Clouthub and/or Parler.

Also working on my company to move some, if not all, of our servers out of AWS and back to onsite.

We do a lot of advertising on FB, Twitter, etc and our CEO is already looking at moving that $$ to other sites like Clouthub and Parler.

Still waiting on Parler if it survives, in the meantime is working alright now and I have to say its nice. The CEO Andrew Torba is conservative and they don’t have apps because the same thing that happened to Parler happened to his sites. The nice thing about Gab is they run their own servers and you can have apps as a web app which works decently. Gab is kind of like a Twitter/FB/old school IRC chat and YouTube mashup.

MeWe so far works good so far and you can control what you see which is nice. I hope they don’t change as they grow.

Large companies think they can control us but its the other way around we bring in the $$. I work at one of the large Tech companies and wish that they did not get involved in this mess but they have. All because of a small and annoying internal group that spams my work email. I was thinking of making a counter group but I honestly don’t know if that would get me canned because I have a different view. Still thinking about it.

Gab is really slow for me. So slow I can’t use it.

You need better dial-up. :wink:

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No, No ! don’t delete it, erase all but a copy of the MEWE logo,

There are more people joining is why. It should get better soon.

Delete it and RUN!


I’ll miss you guys! Take care!

Randall W. Anderson

I deleted mine this week as well. I also deleted my Instagram account.

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Dumped FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon. I see no need to waste my time or money. I also installed Brave Browser for all my non Google Activities. I do no research of products or purchasing of products from Google Chrome web browser. Just use it for Gmail and Maps. Turned off or block all Location services on phone and laptop. Installed an ISP skip browser program to further my privacy goals. Big tech can suck it!


Going to delete mine here shortly as well. I don’t feel comfortable with a company that doesn’t like me and my values.


A company that doesn’t like you or your values, but knows everything about you and your family.




Funny that there is no option to delete my account here.