DEFUNDING. I.C.E. . And The Bill is hidden

To keep the government up and RUNNING :bangbang: the president has defended I.C.E. And the BORDER PATROL :bangbang: AND FUNDING THE GOVERNMENT ANGENCS THAT ARE TAKING OUR FIREARMS :bangbang:And IF WE DO NOT DEFEND THE OATH TO OUR FAMILY AND LOVE ONES FIRST AND FOR MOST. We will LOSE OUR NASHION :bangbang:


This administration will certainly ALWAYS rule against the police, border control, rule of law and some of our Constitutional Rights. They have to, it’s where their money comes from, groups that want anarchy.


Mike they are going to get what they do desperately want :bangbang: we still have true :bangbang: AMERICAN :us: PEOPLE THAT WILL NOT JUST LAY DOWN FOR THIS . Why do you think that the president did not go to NEW.YORK. For 9,11. To HONOR THE FALLEN :bangbang::bangbang: he could not be PROTECTED. FROM THE HELL. He HAS STARTED. He felt safer in a FOREIGN COUNTRY :bangbang: BECAUSE HE IS FOR EVERY ONE BUT .U.S.A.:bangbang:


There’s no money in it for him. I doubt he has much honor for the 3,000 victims.


Sadly TO SAY HONOR AND OUR PRESIDENT DOES NOT EXSEST THAT WORD THAT I CAN NOT SPELL HE NEVER KNEW EATHER LOVE ya brother Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::heart::100::100:


We MUST NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT TAKE I.C.E. OR THE BORDER PATROL AWAY :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: AND HOME LAND :bangbang: IF WE NEED TO START A . Founddashion!!! To FUND THESE MEN AND WOMEN OF LAW ENFORCEMENT :bangbang::bangbang:SO BE IT WITH HAVE TO HAVE LAW AND ORDER TO OUR COUNTRY AND OUR BORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA :us: MY LORD THEY ARE OUR ONLY HOPE . Them . And :bangbang:the GRATE SPIRIT, THE FARTHER OF LIGHTS ,:bangbang::owl::feather::feather: LIFE EVERLASTING . PEACE. :v:t5: BACK THE LAW WITH OUT LAW WE WILL BE BARBARENS :skull_and_crossbones:Love Bobby Jean :us::us::us::chile::100::owl::feather::feather::100::100::100::dizzy:

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I TRUELY WOULD LOVE TO SEE LAW ENFORCEMENT :bangbang: GET PAID WHAT THEY ARE WORTH :bangbang: I ASK EVERY MEMBER OF THE USCCA, :question:WE ALL CARRY :bangbang: HOW MUCH MONEY WOULD YOU :question::question:WANT :question:TO PUT ON A UNIFORM AND HOLD UP YOUR HAND AND TAKE AN OATH :question:TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE . People that hate. YOU. But they call APOUND you to DEFEND THEM WITH.:bangbang:YOUR. LIFE… and if you EVER GET IT WORNG.:question: THE VERY PEOPLE THAT CALLED ME FOR HELP. Trys,?TO DESTROY YOU. :bangbang:HOW MUCH MONEY IS THAT WORTH :question::question::question:And do Not for get the BAD GUYS ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU​:bangbang: SO HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH :question: EVERY .LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SHOULD GET USCCA . Insurance . PDQ :bangbang::us:Love Bobby Jean BACK THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE HONOR TO WEAR THE BADGE. :bangbang::us::100::heart:we all that carry. Are . Hated just AS MUCH AS LAW ENFORCEMENT. Stay safe and TRAIN . The Life you save just maybe YOURS :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:TRAIN. With THE USCCA. And HAVE THAT PEACE OF MIND. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are ALL IN THIS . WAR . AGAINST CRIME TO GATHER Bobby Jean . Thank you USCCA. The GRATEST Training You Can. GET. Just DO NOT MISS. :bangbang::us::100::chile::owl::feather::feather:. Thank you ALL FOR TRAINING ME. :bangbang:THE .USCCA​:us::100::heart:

Mike 164 I Live in Texas and I see people from deffernt. COUNTRYS . Every DAY. And they are not AMERICANS AND . They. Just Act Like We Are A. GARAGE.Sale. And they have on GOLD THE KIND OF GOLD THAT COMES FROM CHINA. 18.karets it’s bright orange. And they have more around their neck. Then it would cost to buy a brand new vehicle :bangbang:and they do not speak English :bangbang: I BLEAVE THATS A BIG THREAT TO OUR.COUNTRY :bangbang:because they are buying HOMES AND NEW VEHICLES. :bangbang:AND THE ARE HERE ILLEGALLY :bangbang:WITH MORE MONEY THAN THE EVERY DAY PERSON :bangbang:and we have AMERICAN PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREETS,:bangbang:and they all have new clothes and they LOOK LIKE THEY JUST GOT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE STRAIGHT OFF THE RACK :bangbang: and around my NABOR hood they are paying American citizens to work for them . And the people that are here from ACROSS THE RIVER :bangbang:Are LIVING IN THE HOMES. Of the people that are working for the FORNERS. And every one working for them :bangbang: ARE LOST . On the drugs . That the new tenants ARE PAYING THEM WITH, it’s SAD. And its KARZY. And its not the new NABORS. ILLEGALlEY. Here that you have to worry about it is the people who . WHO HAS LOST THEIR HOMES TO THE FORNERS FOR A LITTLE BIT OF DOPE :bangbang:THIS IS SO SAD . I PRAY WE CAN FIND AWAY TO STOP THE CARTELS FROM TAKING OUR NASHION ONE HOUSE AT A TIME. They now own HALF THE VERY BLOCK I LIVE ON . And they are very nice ILLEGALS FROM JUST ACROSS THE BORDER. They will never HAVE OUR PROPERTY, when we are gone we are GIVING IT TO CHARITY . I know when THE GRATE SPIRIT TAKES YOU HOME . The HOME YOU HAVE IN THIS WORLD :bangbang: WAS JUST A BLESSING :bangbang:YOU NEVER REALLY OWNED . Any thing BUT THE LOVE WITH ON YOU . Bobby Jean Debbie ann . Please do not give your home to FORNERS . Let’s try to keep America . The BRIGHT AND SHINING CITY ON THE HILL :us::chile::owl::feather::feather::chile::100::bangbang:Amen :heart::sparkles::sparkles:


I lived in NM and worked in the El Paso/Juarez industrial sites. All I can say is, people should go down there and see what is actually going on. Guaranteed it’s a whole lot different than you are hearing about from the Government and the News outlets.


Been there I know and if the president would just go and sit on just one of them used Harley-Davidsons out FROUNT of BARNETTS HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEALERSHIP :bangbang: just MABE HE WOULD CHANGE HIS MIND ABOUT WHATS GOING ON BUT .:bangbang:from just sitting on one of them old bikes !!
He could see more than any American could ever BLEAVE . He. Knows what he has done and what he is doing. Very sad . :bangbang: or just go to SAN.DIEGO, and just LOOK AT T. J. Mexico. And they are jumping on pickups and the tires are rubbing till they blow out and they are running into the United States in the light of the day just no American try and go there after dark . Or maybe even during the day . Ya better ESPAYOLLLA HAW HAW SO NOT FUNNY. It hurts anyone one that BLEAVES they should be able to come here :bangbang: just walk across that BORDER IN TO MEXICO .:bangbang:And then they will HAVE A GRATER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT WE ARE IN FOR . I know American Mexicans that will not even try it .Bobby Jean :us::chile::100::owl::feather::feather::white_check_mark:


I remember listening to the traffic reports where they would report “There is a crossing taking place at mile marker xxx on Cesar Chavez Highway, please slow down and allow the group to cross safely”. I got caught in a crossing, I swear there was 50 people, they just come across the river, get through the fence, huddle next to the freeway and all of the sudden they started across the freeway, traffic has to stop. The border patrol sat back and watched.