DEFUND Davos Act

we need to take back our country and run these NEW WORLD ORDER and leaders , (government leaders) out of town. we used to tar and feather the traitors and run them out of town/ country. I think we need to get back to doing this again. #FJB #WEF :fu:


This is a bunch of “do nothing” “accomplish nothing” Congressional Republicans trying to pander for votes claiming to cut off taxpayer dollars sent to the World Economic Forum. The federal government funds virtually everything with printed/borrowed dollars, not taxes.

The WEF, which employs around 500 people in Switzerland, is funded with memberships paid for by the companies and entities that choose to join the WEF. The operating budget for the WEF is tiny, especially when compared with the billions of dollars provided to prop up the Ukrainian government, send arms to Israel and conduct “forever wars.”

If these crusading Congressional swamp people wanted to do something meaningful, they’d demand cuts in the federal monetary printing presses.