Decatur man in Savannah Ga

On October 3, 2020 a Decatur man was arrested for aggravated assault after pulling a firearm.
15 protestors were blocking an intersection and the driver in his pick up attempted to drive around the protestors.
Cell phone video shows the truck stop and a green fog colored smoke grenade was thrown from the vehicle into the street where the protestors were lying in the intersection.
People began to scatter but one person threw a thermos at his vehicle and a second starting hammering his passenger side with a 10 speed bike.
The driver existed a vehicle with what appeared to be a gun in hand. The crowd quickly dispersed :grinning: except for the individual that hit his truck with the bike.
The passenger door opened and a woman encouraged the man to get back in the vehicle and they drove off.
2 parts to this :
To any in Georgia, This WILL NOT be another Chicago, Seattle, Portland, NY or anywhere else! We’re not putting up with it! If the City of Savannah does not want people defending their right to travel unaccosted by protestors with no permits in intersections then bashing people’s vehicles with devices - then arrest those 4 that met with the police to give details on the driver / vehicle, otherwise accept what’s coming! Georgia law says you can protect your habitation and the vehicle is considered as an extension of your home.
The other take away from this is the vehicle dispersed a smoke grenade first, but again…
Be mindful politicians… This WILL NOT be another Burn Loot Murder City!
We’re NOT putting up with it!


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