Dating for conceal carry.

Yep I agree, They already know who everyone is. I am about supporting the things I care about. I would like to do a short story here if I may.

A little ways back we were at my brothers shop basically in a session of bench racing. Well during the course of it 2A rights got in there. One of the guys said he didn’t care about any of that. Well I put this to him, I asked him how much he cared about his hot rods and such. Well the answer was it was his thing. I said OK what happens all of a sudden the powers that be said your Corvette is now illegal, You can not register it or drive it on public roads and have to pay a Tax just to keep it. Oh you should have seen his reaction. I looked him and said there you have it. Its different when something is taken that he was interested in. Well i recruited a new 2A supporter that day. Point I made was that we are all in this together. All folks of varied interest need to band together and support each other


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Just wait till one of these women are a victim of a violet crime. This reminds me of a story a Vietnam vet told me. They had a aid man on their patrol who refused to carry a gun. After the first firefight he wanted a machinegun!



Kinda off topic, I know we have to take chances and be proactive to find love.

But just a “word to the wise” about not falling into risky traps. Saw a story about a real life incident of a man seemingly falling for women, then he ended up doing some things which led him into moral and legal issues. If you have available, or free on your TV aps:

Dateline NBC, Season 26, Episode 18 (3/23/18)
“The night of the new moon”
San Diego, CA

This is not the vid but just a preview:

“A former marine, who once was the hero for a woman in an abusive marriage, is back on ‘Dateline.’ But this time, has his desire to help gone too far?”

Thought to post it here, as the main male character happened to be a firearms instructor.

If you can find the full episode on your home aps, I think you’d all enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen alike. Soap Opera like though.


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