Data reveals what gun control supporters expect


You can BLAME the Left wing Media for the disparity on Guns.
They are in the pocket of this administration and their reporting :face_vomiting:
proves it. If people really understood how Guns in Citizens hands have kept the
lid on the Country from completely blowing off they would be shocked at the numbers
of ‘incidents’ and slaughters that have prevented by ‘Good guy’s and Gals with Guns’.
If they cared for the TRUTH this would not be an issue.
The LACK of truthful reporting on actual Crime and Crime stats is glaring.
The LACK of truthful reporting on just what Puddin’ Pants and Co. are doing is
an obimination (spelled incorrect on purpose) to the real facts of just what is happening
on our streets and in our Court system. The WOKE have infested all avenues of Society
and for some the brain washing is complete. Once brainwashed I feel there is no hope
for an Awakening of that person or group.
Two FACTS to understand:

  1. IF Guns were removed from the Citizenry—Socialism would destroy this country
    The Presidency would cease to exist and a Monarchy or Supreme Ruler would be Installed.
  2. FREE and Objective Reporting (which is almost already dead and buried as it is) would be replaced by STATE SPONSORED Robots (with perfect hair!)…um…already done deal?
    This is already in place by the Lefts reporting ‘While you get less in the grocery store for more money and pay more for everything else things are better than they were under the Orange man’. ‘Things are really not that bad—he’s doing a great job’. Four more years…and we’ll all be just another Brick in the Wall folks.
    If it weren’t for the Guns in American citizens hands right now life as we know it wouldn’t exist.
    This Freedom we are barely hanging onto now is only there because of American Firepower would turn the tide against out right Oppression and Total Control by this Administration.
    The sad fact is the Sheeple would never know what hit them then, because Total Control isn’t one sided. Even if you ‘Support’ the dismantlement of Rights, Freedoms, Constitution and Amendments Socialism washes over EVERYONE.
    They are flexing their muscles against Trumpers now, Right wing fanatics, White this White that
    but eventually everyone gets painted by the same brush. That is how Marxism/Socialism works. And when the .gov gets their way with the American Anarchists (us folks) they turn on the rest because Total Control means ALL the subjects, slaves, drones etc.
    It’s all well and good to say ‘Guns Bad’ but when Big Daddy starts rolling down the street saying turn in your neighbors (and then we are all defenseless and all will be loaded on the cattle cars this time for the final trip to the Work houses or Ovens) No one will be immune! .
    This is serious sh** folks. This isn’t a right wing Conspiracy. It’s bigger than simply Juiced up Joey making noises about the Right. These people have a plan and there is no side of the aisle that is FOR US. They say they are for us but it’s all talk and they are just playing the game until
    we are all too late to do anything about it.
    “They have F-15’s!”



I’m not at all surprised at the results of this survey, but I am surprised more of the media aren’t reporting on this lopsided look into another step towards communism.

More proof they’re complicit?


We have all the proof we need already.