Damp Ammunition

I just received my case of ammunition after a two month wait, it was finally in stock so I jumped on it. However upon inspection the outermost carton was damp and the inside smelled like it had been in a flood zone, but the cartridges look fine. The plastic cases are dusty with what seemed like mold. I’ve notified both the manufacturer and distributor. Waiting on replies.
If my ammunition is damp what’s worst case scenario, do I chance it? Your thoughts
I’ve inspected 200 cartridges and they look fine.

Is there a refund policy? Worth asking.

Otherwise, I don’t know, shoot the damp ammo first at the range?

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Thank you, haven’t asked about refund, would prefer exchange, ammo real hard to get, cash no problem. Plus I was told it will take a week for customer service to get back with me.
I’m pretty patient. Guess I wasn’t patient enough, as soon as this was back in stock and the revolution started I jumped at the chance to have a few extra rounds. As a matter of fact this was regular ball ammunition not defensive.
However, it’s all defensive during revolutionary times🧐

Go get yourself a 50 Cal Ammo can and dump all of the ammo sans boxes in it, toss in a desiccant pack or a cloth bag of rice sitting on top of aluminum foil and carry on smartly. Mold bothers me I have worked in a couple too many places that have had it and have gotten sicker than from anything else because of it. Dump the boxes and plastic (unless you need the trays for reloading) in which case feed them to the dishwasher.




Sounds like flood damaged goods to me, I wouldn’t keep it unless there were an apocalypse going on. I certainly wouldn’t trust it.

Hey, if it were in a flood, the dealer probably put in an insurance claim so the ammo has likely already been paid for once. I think someone is trying to make a quick buck by selling it as “new.”
Not cool. No way.

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@Scott52, what is the brand of this ammo?

@Jerzy PMC distributed through Natchez. Used this ammunition for the past 11 years.

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That’s disgusting. Try to get a refund or exchange first and foremost. Store it someplace the mold won’t continue to grow and won’t infect the rest of your house.

If you absolutely have to keep it… follow Craig6’s advice on storage. I wouldn’t trust it though. If it is sealed ammo (milspec like M193, M855, etc is usually sealed) and it wasn’t literally submerged for too long it may be OK. But you don’t know how much water it was exposed to…

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I was asking about brand, because most of manufacturers uses sealed primers, so moisture is not a problem at all.
PMC is produced to either SAAMI or US Military Specification standards (MIL SPEC).

However because of mold, or whatever sits there, I will go with refund if you are not short with ammo.

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Thanks for advice. Moved case to garage and will wait for customer service, however I noticed “no returns on ammunition”, I hope being a loyal customer helps in some way and yes PMC up to SAAMI spec.
I thought of wiping down every round (1000) then following desiccation in a can. Hope it’s worth the time.
What’s the worst that can happen when fired on the range?
Is the manufacturer responsible in any way?

@Craig6 I always re box my ammunition in mtm cases then stored in 50cal containers w/desiccant in a safe.

Misfire… nothing really bad, but if you proceed with safety suggestions, waiting minimum 30 seconds after every misfire can be annoying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Usually in such case, after 2 misfires I dump whole box of ammo. (that’s the reason, I keep ammo in 50 round boxes)

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what PMC is it? Their X-TAC M193/M855 stuff? or their Bronze .223 stuff? Their X-TAC is crimped & sealed, but I dont think their Brone line is

Also… no thread is complete without pics of moldy ammo

No proof or documentation, but my biggest concern would be a squib if powder is not completely dry. Always wondered if I would react quickly enough to a squib round if rapid firing.


After I thought a couple seconds about my comment, I suppose a squib round would not have enough energy to rack a semi-auto, but could be a concern for a revolver.

" I suppose a squib round would not have enough energy to rack a semi-auto,…"
Not necessarily.

I know things have been crazy all over the country, but I must have missed it when a revolution actually started. Are you referring to an actual boogaloo here?

@Harvey PMC bronze line 45ACP. Very hard to capture dust on black plastic trays. The most noticeable is the stench of standing water, I would start to rub off dust onto my fingers but that will surely send me to emergency room.
Like I said it’s not so much a visible but the smell and dusty trays. Cartridges look fine, I will desiccate them for a month or so.

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@Fish as far as the revolution is concerned as soon as politicians want to disband and defund law enforcement that’s what I call a start. When law and order break down that’s a start. ANTIFA has declared war against our way of life and America. That’s a revolution! Peacefully protesting and affecting change through normal channels is an evolution.
Look at the difference, if we fired a shot in Virginia that would have started a revolution, we were respectful, peaceful and got no where. They are burning down our cities, some beautiful cities, at that. They are starting a revolution. If the government and peaceful citizens are prepared to save loved ones and businesses and possibly homes, that’s a revolution. If we find the need to fight we’re in a revolution.
There are two ways to discuss revolution first, a sudden change in a situation or the overthrow of a government with replacing another.
Hey, I really wish I could wake up from this. Very, very tired. An election is looming if that’s not ominous I don’t know what is. If anyone other than President Trump has control of the White House, we are done as a nation.

Oh, i totally thought these were rifle ammo!