DA Sim "The Lefty" Gil get's one Right

I’m not good with the guy getting shot, 5 times, but I get it. The cops didn’t know what he was capable of. At least they allowed him to plea down and set him up to have the Felony charges cleared after treatment.


That’s something I don’t understand. Granted it’s a cop show about real life cops, cops doing or at least showing cops mag dump. Then assaying what the situation is; is bad training I think. Is it because almost every cop now has a semi auto that when empty, he drops the empty and slams in a full mag? Then s/he has 4 or 5 mags on their person.

PS: I remember when cops carried revolvers, they would have 3 or more speed loaders on their belt. That still didn’t add up to what one modern day mag will hold.