CZ Group buys Colt for $220M


CZ already acquired Dan Wesson back in 2005. Only good came after that…


CZ is a reputable gunmaker so not a bad thing unless “made in the USA” is the concern.

Looking on the bright side, it’s Česká zbrojovka
and not China Zhejiang.


As long as CZ does not attempt to combine factories and keeps manufacturing processes and cultures distinct and competing, it will be good. There are plenty of examples when branding labels are different, but underneath is some idiotic business “synergy”.

Look at the positive

  • product will be sold on Amazon
  • anyone who dares to sue the manufacturer will be cancelled
  • product will be endorsed by groups like Moms Demand Action etc.
  • NBA and Disney ads for the products

Would love to have a Combat Elite Commander or even a Defender. Have not heard anything about quality since the bankruptcy. Probably, CZ is mainly interested in the name/brand.

So, does CZ have any stock available to the US public?

Don’t get me wrong, I hate to see Colt sold, especially to a foriegn investor, but no reason not to profit on things we cannot control.

Appears CZ is listed on the Prague Stock Exchange, a public exchange so I assume that shares are available there.

Anybody know how to pronounce this? This has more names then Geissele triggers.



Pocket change.

Seems like the strategy for the Colt companies since the 80’s. Get market buzz to lift valuation, get bought out, leverage company for owner group’s holdings, go bankrupt, create market buzz to lift valuation, get bought out, go bankrupt, etc. At least this time it was bought out by group that seems to specialize in firearms.

The corporate income tax rate is higher in the US than the Czech Republic, so yes, the profits will likely all go to the Czech Republic (if you know about how country income taxes and international corporation finances work).

My main worry, is that when it comes down to it, with many of the arms manufacturers now owned by companies in other countries, if the US government decides that 2a doesn’t mean what it states, I’m sure all of these companies will be more than happy to ditch the civilian US sales for military and law enforcement only sales and emerging markets… H&K comes to mind (although I like H&K products).

Funny side note (run-on sentence warning)… in the beginning of the pandemic when health and government officials were saying how we don’t need masks while redirecting them to healthcare workers, if you looked at a lot of the Amazon reviews of the disposable masks available for sale, the packaging stated that they were almost always coming straight out of Wuhan, China.

Try this: Tzeska Sproyovka or Cheska Sbroyovka

or just listen to this: Česká zbrojovka pronunciation: How to pronounce Česká zbrojovka in Czech

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Wojciehowicz: “You say it like it’s spelled!”

I appreciate all the above but can someone PRO-Noun-Sit for me. The links wouldn’t run sound and my ears suck so he subtleties would be lost on me. Do you slur the TZ like Tzzz ESKA SsProy Ove Ka or Chess KA, Ss broy Ove Ka? Or something totally different?

Russian and Slavic languages always threw me with reading, I can parrot just fine but reading…there re too many consonants that don’t work together stacked next to each other and all have different inflections.and pronunciations.



this one will sound closest to real:

Tzzz ESKA SsProy Ov Ka

Let’s try to play a little…

  1. you take off tah from cheetah word - so we have first part: chee
  2. you take off lation from escalation - we have next part: esca
  3. you use s bro from what’s bro?
  4. and now…I’m lost… :thinking: hard to explain how to say y ov ka

Anyway… I hope you can say it now… :+1:


Well, outside of another company no longer being American owned, I see the sale of Colt to CZ as a good thing. CZ makes fantastic firearms. The problems with Colt, seemed to stem from upper management decisions. Since their is a CZ USA, I foresee the Colt lines still being “American made” the same a Nissan, Toyota, Honda, etc make things here. Just the profits go somewhere else. It will still be American workers getting the paychecks.

Yes, however with profits going overseas, it makes me wonder what payscale and benefits the workers will see as time progresses. I don’t know if Colt is still unionized, but that might be an interesting factor to future production, quality, longevity, and CS.

Profits will stay in USA. CZ-USA is a company inside CZ-Group, but it’s local with headquarter in Kansas City, KS

Since 1998, CZ-USA is an importer, manufacturer and distributor of pistols.
CZ-USA is exclusive US importer of rifles and pistols from Česká Zbrojovka of the Czech Republic.
Additionally since 2005 their 1911s and revolvers line have been made by subsidiary Dan Wesson (USA).

Even it looks Czech by the name… it will be still American manufacturing.


If you look at international sales maybe not so much. It would be in the Czech’s best interest to sell their pistols to their non-US side for cost, thereby selling them outside of the US for profit (higher margins) and retaining the income in those lower corporate income tax countries. Many companies do this, and it is (was) why many international companies had operations in Hong Kong, or why Apple placed their money in Ireland (although that matter was more complicated). However, even if it was American owned, it could still happen… but probably not for a niche product and no strong international presence.

It will be exacerbated if the US raises their corporate income tax, which I’m pretty sure will be coming soon.

For sales to US consumers, this might not be an issue.