Curfews are back

Gov Hair Gel is mandating curfews in CA.
Most Sheriffs will not enforce them.
They’ve say they’ve got better things to do.
Like catching criminals.

I never understood how people are letting people like Newsome and Cuomo take away their rights. I wear a mask when I am in public and have to wear one at work. There have been a few opsies where I forgot to put one on, but no one in my state has ever confronted me. I am glad we have Desantis in FL our leader, even though a lot of people complain about his covid management. I still see them posting on social media evidence of them out at the bars and Disney exposing their hypocrisy. I hope Jocko and Desantis would partner up and run for president in 2024 or a combination of Cotton/Jocko/Wesley Hunt/ Desantis/ Cruz ticket.


We also have America’s Sherriff in Grady Judd where I live.


Hamilton County Ohio sheriff along with Cincinnati PD said that they will enforce curfews

Quick solution, defund the police. Why didn’t we think of this?

Brilliant! I was thinking along the lines of waiting till this fool of a sherif is up for election, then voting and hoping Dominion software is honest… Silly me!

Of course defund them, it is an impossible situation when the taxpayer pays for protection and service, and gets oppression and criminals running unopposed.


Another hypocrite tyrant caught

Its like they are now just making rules up just to do something.

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It’s a power trip, I think. Imposing rules on us that they don’t have to follow proves that they’re Important People, and we’re not. Basically, exactly the sort of thing we set this country up to not be.

Interesting thread. I will do the mods and myself a favor and not say much. The government has sure done a good job manipulating people about a virus.


People who are always afraid are easier to control. And since they have been great at keeping us at each others throats they can get away with a lot more crap.


Well, if a mask, or a Thanksgiving party for that matter, is an excuse for people to go at each other throats, that’s a problem of the people, not tyrants.


ABSOLUTELY!! No one is forcing the divisiveness, the people can stop whenever they want.

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But what is driving people to go after each other? The last 4 years have been crazy. You now have relatives disowning each other over politcal views. Children disowning their parents because they voted for Trump. And Its all media, education and government driven. All that pressure and then these ham handed orders which the elite dont even bother to follow themselves just lit the fuse. The Government kept us all off balance. Each day was a different story. And that took a toll on people and tempers.


The Lord God The most high has put this division between the people. Alot of Trump supporters thought Trump was sent to fix the country and he did try his hardest with everyone against him but have we thought maybe he was sent to cause divisiveness

I believe the divisiveness in this country is biblical. An argument could be had as to who’s doing it.

Yes there are President Trump supporters who believe he was sent here to fix it. I would argue it’s not up to one person to fix it. One person didn’t break it.

My personal opinion is he was voted in to shed light on the evilness and he has without question done that.


Exactly. And it was done with pre-meditation and malice. The left and the media (same thing) wanted to burn everyone out on Trump. He endured a constant assault designed to get rid of him. It was all planned, all of it. The goal was to make people so sick of hearing about him that they would vote for anyone but Trump.

Covid was a gift from China aimed at the same goal. They knew that even if Trump handled it perfectly, the left would use that against him daily.

Trump was costing China billions of dollars. Funny how the virus showed up when it did. Just in time really. Coincidence?

However, Trump shot himself in the foot all the time. Giving your enemy cases of ammo to shoot at you did not help matters. A conservative must be honest about that. He committed so many un-forced errors it was exasperating. We will all pay for that starting on 20 January.

Especially us gun owners it would seem. Again, all of what happens next is well planned.

Steel yourselves and your resolve.


Short answer - it is a spiritual problem. Little to do with politics, or with any public figures.


I just heard Gov.Cuomo speak… I couldn’t believe my ears - he said the LE cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce! I know he means Thanksgiving parties, but what about illegal immigration? What an irresponsible remark, LOL


These politicians hypocrisy is astounding.
“Laws are for thee but not for me”
-All despotic dictators and power mad maniacs