Cult expert to CNN: 'All of America needs deprogramming' after Trump years | Fox News

That is the way you start out trying to heal the divide in the country. You tell them they are cultists who need to be deprogrammed. Interesting take.

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What arrogance. Just to assume their way is correct and ours is wrong is just wrong on so many levels.

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It seems they love to meddle in everyone’s lives, homes, tv, etc.
‘You’re not thinking, living, acting the way WE want so we are going to show you how, whether you like it or not because, it’s for your own good and the good of others?
Their cheese has slid completely off their cracker!

Sorry but I’ll keep living out here in the desert minding my own business living in peace the way I was raised by my family thanking the Lord for each day he gives me and guiding my steps.


Welcome to the new America.

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Just ask them "are you going to be the first through the door. :thinking:

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Karacal, which desert are you living in? I used to live in the Mojave near Cadiz.

The nations largest catbox, Nevada!:rofl: