CT Attempted Auto Theft


OK, critique from a close quarters combat point of view.
Once you decide to attack, ATTACK Devastate Destroy!!! The grab and hold thing is a dangerous tactic. When actors 2-3 and 4 show up get the hell out of there. Even with fighting skills and experience, you do not want to be in that situation. If you can’t retreat ATTACK, Nuts, Eyes, Knees anything. Pick an attacker and focus on him and devastate then Get The Hell Out Of There. Technically speaking, line them up, make them climb over one another to get to you. Focus, attack the closest target WITH ILL INTENT punch, kick, poke, scratch, bite, stomp, bend and break, find a weapon, a rock, a stick, a tool, your car door, your shoes, purse,…! Then move on to closest target #2. GET UP, do not stay on the ground, not on you back, not on your front, not on your butt, not on your knees, get to your feet NOW. Do not go fetal, keep your eyes open keep fighting.


Fantastic information! For a guy like myself, I’m in no position to attack, at least, not without a weapon, baseball bat, samurai sword, 12 gauge, you know, the things that ward off evil!
In addition that door should have been locked!
Who’s the aggressor, the owner of the car or the alleged thief?
If I’m attacked by 4, that becomes a disparity of force, deadly force is authorized.
What I would give to be young agile and in superior shape!
I can assure you, if I’m ever attacked like that, all rules are off the table!


This guy was very lucky they either weren’t armed or chose not to use weapons if they were. Even without weapons the 4 criminals were a deadly threat and he could have easily ended up in the hospital or worse.

Sucks that people can’t leave their cars unlocked in the burbs anymore even during daylight hours.

Would have been less risky and probably just as effective if the home owner used the loud speaker to say the cops were on their way instead of leaving the safety of his home to confront the thief.

Lock your doors and don’t confront criminals just to protect replaceable stuff. Especially if you don’t have the necessary tools to defend yourself.


That would be a very interesting and potentially costly question if the homeowner ended up using deadly force. CT laws might not allow protection of stuff? Though the homeowner might be able to argue they were trying to make a citizens arrest. And/or the criminal in the car may have moved to hit and/or otherwise threaten the homeowner as he was asking him to get out of his vehicle.


Their car was still running, the wife should have pulled the keys out of the ignition :rofl: jk