Crutches did limit me

Three weeks ago, I tore my achilles tendon. I train drawing my firearm from AIWB every day since I work from home Push-ups- Squats, and practicing my draw from my AIWB holster is standard throughout the day/week/weekend. While my leg is in a cast, I cannot draw my firearm without dropping one of my crutches to gain access to the firearm. The technique I use is a one-hand draw, but that is not optimal when I am carrying in AIWB style.
I had an old unused OWB-I never gave it much thought until l fuk@$@$@ my leg. It turns out that I can draw faster, easier, and shoot with OWB while on crutches than with an AIWB. Drop Right crutch thumb under the shirt and draw while my left is holding majored of my weight. My balance is outstanding. “I have been windsurfing and surfing since I was 3years old - the last time was five years ago when I went back to Maui to visit my mom and dad” ( Boston is too cold). I mention this because if you do not know how to shift your weight, you will hurt yourself or others if you need fire with one hand balanced with a crutch while not putting any significant weight on your bad leg.

My conclusion- I train and train- weak hand/strong hand/slide manipulation/ shooting multiple targets/timer/training class/reading/research/… When I am hopping on one leg, all that training day in and day out is not enough to protect my family. I will always find a way to train and prepare no matter my condition. My family is my everything.

Find a way-


Great you were able to find a way to draw the handgun with your satisfactory.
Your case reminds me the statement we teach during the classes: First thing you do before drawing your handgun is to drop on the ground everything you keep in your hands (kids excluded).

Stay safe and get well soon !

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wow I need to spell check lol

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nah your good


You’re excused. We know how hard it is to write with crutches. :wink:


Oh so you think I am funny lol - I love this community!!! Being on crutches is a pain-- This is my safe place