Crossbows - bow and arrow

It’s just a flesh wound! or as Biden would say, it was a good shoot, only shot in the leg. Just imagine what would have happened if you aimed center mass. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re just playing, very light weight (draw) bows will work fine. 20-25 lbs for a Target bow is easy to shoot. I personally like a stick vs a compound and shoot 55lb for deer. It’s worked for 46 years now :smirk:. Compound are easy to shoot because of the drop in weight when the cams roll over, but usually can’t be shot with fingers (a trigger release is normal. Modern crossbows (like a Ravin) shoot like a rifle. I like the challenge of stick and string (but then I like flintlocks, so maybe I’m just obsolete​:blush:)


And apparently you can get a pistol crossbow. Crazy stuff!


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Archery is fun. I would argue it can be more fun than guns because of all the variables involved. Careful with buying used bows. The strings may need to be serviced or replaced. A string breaking on you could be really dangerous. Compound bows (and I’d imagine cross bows) especially because the string is always under some tension even when at rest in your closet.

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I would listen to this. I bought a really cheap used bow off Ebay from a hunting store out of state. The bow had a 60-70ib draw weight and I bought it for target shooting… I was able to manage it… but I definitely wish I had gotten half that on the draw weight. Definitely don’t need a heavy draw weight for target shooting :joy::rofl:


Enjoying all of this great info. Thanks all!