Crime Is Actually Dropping

They had more camera angles on this kid than on Stormy Daniels!


If it is not accurately reported by the local municipalities, it is not included in the report. And when many of these jurisdictions are re-classifying many felonies to misdemeanors, crime “goes down”. Don’t kid yourself by trusting these numbers, crime is not going down. I challenge anyone to look at “local” media in any larger city everyday, you will see a report of at least one murder (usually more) and mulitple violent crimes every single day. These cities don’t fully report crime stats for a number of reasons, political survivability, avoiding federal consent decrees, and of course re-election year perception for “the Big Guy”. You think for one minute all these blue cities are going to go against the “crime is down under my watch” narrative, you are kidding yourself.


Oh man, that needs to be cited in the quotes thread!


That’s good news. I hope it continues to trend that way. Safety is peace of mind.

I actually think we are with you, we like to hear that, we want that, we want to believe it. I’d rather hear such news than the opposite. And it’s a step in the right direction.

I’m glad you point out the business profiteers within the self defense industry. I think that needs to be called out from time to time. I wish folks could tone it down a little bit, as it can come off as disgusting.

But like our brothers point out, similarly, some government and even for profits businesses don’t want us to see the high crime numbers, because it hurts their chances for winning election and or reduces their own local sales.

We each and all need to look after ourselves and our own. Ain’t no one gonna watch over us, but us.

On the other hand.

In reality, for my family member who was a recent crime victim, if crime’s down, it wasn’t for her.

I think that study admits, “car jackings” are up. Did read that elsewhere as well. Those are “strong armed robberies”.

I wonder if there is correlation of lower crime rates with increased conceal carry or supportive/stronger self defense laws.

Statistics can be very complex, skewed, and misleading. Are those lower murders a result of better trauma services? Are victims just being more careful. Are those stats in general, but what about in large cities?

One college course in statistics teaches us about bias, problems of validity, and how to tear holes in just about any study. For a study to have more truth, or merit, there must be clear cut definitions, it’s really got to account for every variable, be as air tight and error free as possible.

Please don’t let one so called survey cloud your good judgment.

Let’s say for argument sake, crime is lowering. Nice. OK. I agree, we ought look at how did that happen, so we can continue to support those successes.

But also…

From the archives of the study of “safety”, until it is zero, we must defend or fight against harm, against danger, against the threat of life and limb. We must serve and protect.

Who knows best? Just ask our mothers. It’s about family, good ol’ fashion common sense and love.

Safety crosses “all” cultures, colors, political orientation. We are all in that same boat as you are my brother.


Then why is my uncle dead, found out yesterday , and the coroner being tight lipped about it? From the description of the scene it was a mess. There are some things that aren’t adding up. I won’t go into details but my TP9 is on my hip and I’m researching steel security doors since we’re off the beaten path.

Any politician saying he wants to put killers in the chair has my vote. Of course he would have had it even without this development in my life. This only under scores the need of it more for me.

Kill them all and let god sort them out!


You stop prosecuting criminals and statistics will show a falling crime rate.

It’s so simple I am amazed people don’t get this…

Biden voters are masters at keeping their heads firmly in the sand (or imbedded in their ass) so the truth can’t be seen or heard.


Crime? What Crime? No, That guy breaking into your house was never convicted of a crime, he entered a program after we arrested him…


Yep. In order to count for the statistics you need a conviction. If everyone is being released there are no convictions…


That is how the UK counts their crime stats. In the USA, it is based on “reported” crime. The FBI stats are also based on “reported” crime, but due to the system change, a very large percentage of crime data is not being reported to the FBI. Many of the largest and worst cities are no longer reporting data to the FBI.


Exactly @Dave17 , you summed it up in 3 lines :+1:


Another big factor is that for crimes to even have a chance of being reported to the FBI there has to be an official police report of the crime in the first place. But with significantly understaffed police forces in many areas and the increasing lack of efforts to catch and prosecute criminals it is almost certain that a significantly increasing number of crimes are not being reported to police. Why waste time calling the police and then likely having to go to a police station to file a report when you know nothing is going to come from your efforts?




The perps are running out of businesses to loot. Shop lifting is out of control and not even prosecuted under $1000.
They failed to mention that attacks on churches and synagogues are rapidly increasing.


So much goes into best practice statistics.

The group of us above, already identified several variables and hidden agendas which to me — can easily skew results. Not to mention how many businesses foreclosed since 2020, due to COVID, the economy, looting. That in itself would lower crime, when there is less to loot.

Please don’t get me wrong. I want crime to lower, but as many posted here, it still exists, unfortunately. If there is something to celebrate, do it, but the fight must still go on to prevent crime, and defend life.


I stand corrected sir. I guess I’ve spent too much time in the UK, I assumed we did the same. :rofl:

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Well, the results are about the same. If crime isn’t “reported”, might as well only count convictions, as they aren’t doing much of that here, either.


Just read somewhere that Baltimore is down over 800 cops. It must be because there is less crime… :rofl:


No officers to report crime to, no reported crime. :sunglasses:


:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: I never thought I would have to say this. We have to make it a crime for crimes not to be crimes. But then there would be more criminals. Follow me for more legal advice.:joy::joy::joy::joy: