Credit Card company supports 2A


Trying to distance myself from companies that are forcing their socialist version of America on the consumer (me).

Any suggestions for a CC company that is supportive of 2A? Or at the least neutral?



Good luck in the finance industry anywhere…

And you may want to be cautious of becoming similar to single topic voters. That’s a race to the bottom.


Good question, Capitol One might be a place to start. They took over for purchases by Cabela’s card users.

Welcome to the group.


Cabela’s is issuing credit cards while you shop with great incentives. I’d say that’s 2A friendly.


I’ve never had any 2A purchases declined or questioned. I use Amex for 95% and Citibank when Amex is not accepted.

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Just like EDC – “Don’t leave home without it.”


As others have mentioned, I’ve never had an issue with a purchase from an individual CC company. I used to carry the NRA credit card, but FNB Omaha went woke and eventually got rid of them. They sold me off to Pentagon Federal CU, and they’ve been great.

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If you are current of former Military you should be using USAA (United States Automobile Association) for your car, house, and credit card needs, I have been with them for 20 years. :+1:


I have not heard anything about Capital One or Chase. Citi is on the naughty list. A quick search will give you lots of stuff to read on them.


My single topic is adherence to our Constitution, which, conveniently includes protection of our inalienable RKBA. I am anti-politician at least as strongly as the politician is anti-rights. I see no reason to vote for a candidate that will not abide by their oath of office.


I would support USAA but their rates are astronomical. Cant afford what they quoted me. Way over the top.

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The phrase “ restraint of tongue and pen” comes to mind…

I would only replace one word! Could instead of Should. Rarely does one size fit all when it comes to insurance, finance, etc…


In the spirit of trying to support pro-gun banks I just got a new quote for homeowners insurance. Ouch! They estimate it would take $520,000 to rebuild my home. That means the 2% deductible for damage would cost as much as a new composite roof replacement which I just did last Spring. But $288/mo is more expensive than what I paid last summer by about $1500. But my home was not estimated even close. I’ll be kicking it around though. Might need to call them.

Not sure if they have included credit cards, but will evaluate and rate companies based on where they stand on a number of issues, including 1A, 2A, pro-life, and the environment.

Home Depot surprisingly scored high. But I read yesterday they are among the companies against Georgia’s new voting laws.

I believe they try to factor in how much demo and haul off of what’s left after a disaster might be required before the rebuild could begin. Sometimes I think they are high, other times not so sure …

I’ve been with USAA since I got married (my wife is an officers daughter) in 1990 they were Officers only. I think it was within the last 15 years that they went to Senior enlisted and then to all military and family. They were not the cheapest but as far as service goes they are hands down the BEST.Their investment and CC houses are also top notch with rates on par with most Credit Unions and returns better than big investment houses. Navy Federal is my general bank and I have never had an issue with them and their rates are pretty doggone good too. I have heard that Wells Fargo is as pro 2A as a bank can be but I cannot verify that from personal experience. Bank of America is one I unfortunately have (they bought MBNA and Sovran) but it would kill my credit score to drop them so I just use their money for free, I did a 0% interest CC balance transfer with no fees for 18 mos and I will transfer the remaining balance when it expires even if I have to pay a fee some where else. After I got my MBA I really started looking at how financial institutions work and the whole credit score thing I’d like to say I’m gaining on the Bastages. Soon, very soon I will be debt free as long as I can continue to keep what I earn. My advice to anyone that can do it is get rid of as much debt as you can, lock in lower interest rates on mortgages and things and start stacking CASH. If this spend till you drop pandelerium continues the stock market will tank and interest rates will be back at Jimmy Carter levels in short order. THEN it will be time to invest and lock in CD’s and such at those stupid high rates that the Fed will give us.




I believe my Bass Pro Visa is backed by Capital One, so they must be okay with those purchases.

I got my current credit card from Sportsman’s Guide. It’s managed by Comenity and so far no problems. SG sells guns and ammo so it’s not likely they’ll do anything social justicey.

I had a MasterCard with the NRA, but they got all anti-2A and cancelled everybody.