Crazy things going on in my community

Imagine if you were put it in the given scenario. What would your advice be to this single mother with a 4 year old.

Ohio just has gotten Stand Your Ground a few months ago, and constitutional carry went into effect last week.

I try to warn people of the law, but they have no clue on what the legal challenges are.


Seems like i might make this statement…

“Sounds like a Single Mother of a 4yr old is clueless about the consequences of reckless and irresponsible actions… Do you wish to contiue on as a Single Mother of a 4yr old or as a Single Mother behind bars with 4yr old removed from you?”


Cameras, ever since I had security cameras installed outside with 360° view of my property, the unwanted persons have stayed away. Yes, my wife and I were having vandalism and attempted thefts before, but now for the past 4+ years that all stopped.
The FHP & Sheriff also has come to me for video of things that happened in my area. Twice it has helped them make an arrest.


My advice: Do not post your intentions online!


So these are the people that ran scared to the local gun store and supposedly shifted to our side? They are still anti gunners and will vote that way! They never believed in the 2A, it was and still is, self preservation on a grand scale. At the most, of all the new owners, maybe, 2% believe in the Constitution. Saw this coming years ago!

Advice, “neck slap”, turn in your firearm or join USCCA. At the very least get some training and a GED. Sounds like a total lack of understanding. That’s exactly what they think stand your ground means, hence all the bad publicity over a “good guy with a gun”.
She’s the hammer that only sees the nail. These are the people we need to reach, and fast! Come summer there’s going to be a lot of innocent lives lost due to ineptitude! I’ve seen some of theses people on the range and the attitude is, “I know what I know, I saw it on TV” and then they get slide bitten.
This is why I believe, with all the 2A lobbyists there should be some push to get some PSA announcements on TV or at the very least on social media. Remember the commercials, “this is your brain on drugs”?
I know that didn’t work either, but we tried!

14 of those types of gun owners ( RINO’s ) voted for the new gun grab “framework”, they obviously own stock. The run on guns will be immense. They are counting on people like Breanna. I think I’ll by stock in either George Gascon, Glock or the prison system!


“Breanna Smith” thinks she is Wonder Woman, and armed with a gun and newly minted Stand Your Ground legislation, she is equal to a hardened criminal. She needs to be schooled.


Especially when your intentions show a complete lack of knowledge of the laws you are referring to and a premeditated intention to commit unjustified homicide.


If you are active user of that chat… just try to educate her, explaining what’s a difference between “war” and “self defense”. Let her know where “stand your ground” belongs to.
Such people make more harm to 2A community than anyone else who just don’t like firearms. If we don’t educate firearm owners to understand the Law… we never win fight for our rights. :sweat:


The post is taken down. So to substitute, I decided to screen record USCCA videos and educate my community by spreading the proper use of force.

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That’s…not something I recommend doing or sharing that you are doing.

But there is always the YouTube channel

Unfortunately “neighbors forums” don’t like discussion about firearms and post like this one doesn’t exist long.
I’ve been using “Nextdoor” app to communicate with my neighbors, get current info from Police Dept or Fire Dept… and the rules are strict… to be honest I’m lost with them… but what I’ve noticed, political and firearm discussions are taking down in few hours…

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Actually in this group it’s still up. It’s not fighting about any of the gun control laws, it just strictly talks about the use of force and justification of force.


Whenever we feel good with proper understanding of “self defense” we should educate others, who may be lost with it or completely errant about it.
If we don’t do this, they just start using their own thinking, which is out of reality. People think the firearm is just a tool which gives them advantage and can be use anytime, regardless of the situation.

Absolutely, positively agree. Be very prudent about posting
irresponsible statements on line. I guarantee that they will come back to haunt you in court. Such statements may make the difference between being charged and not being charged even in a perfectly legal shooting.

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