Coworker claims he's a felon


Alright so at my job I ride around with a guy all day doing electrical and plumbing service calls for the most part. Yesterday I was sent with a guy who’s an electrician and it was a sudden swap of people I helped. Then he tells me that he’s a felon and that I can’t have a gun around him… Yet he claims he had someone else buy him a gun… so I’m not sure whether I should believe him or not. He doesn’t strike me as trustworthy.
What do I do?


If someone else purchased a gun for him, that’s a straw purchase and illegal.

As far as having a firearm around someone with a felony, that isn’t illegal if you’ve got complete control of the firearm. In other words, if you’re open carrying with a retention holster or concealed carrying - you should be OK.

I would suggest talking to a local attorney or law enforcement to find out the exact laws in your area about that.

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So I was right that it’s not illegal. But if he’s in possession of a firearm and truly is a felon should I contact local PD or sheriff’s office? Will they confirm whether or not he is a felon?


I don’t know what they will tell you - some states have it where you can look someones record up online. Wisconsin has it.

Try googling that for your state? Or have a chat with a local police officer - hypothetically if you’d like to start there.

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Alright. I mean I really don’t want to get someone arrested but if he’s doing something illegal or supposedly shouldn’t I at least try to find out if he’s telling the truth or not?


Well you certainly find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. As @Dawn said, I’d talk with someone about the legality of you being in his presence with a gun. Personally I don’t think it should be an issue, as long as it’s always under your control and you never let him handle it all, not even just for a second, which I’m sure you wouldn’t do.

As for going into detail of him being a felon in possession of a gun, which is illegal and was illegally purchased for him, you may want to hold off on that for a bit. If the police show up at his house, it may be blatantly obvious that it was you who reported him. I’d maybe contact a gun owners association if there’s one in your state for guidance on that portion of the issue.


Alright. Well I’m not that concerned about him knowing it was me but at the same time I don’t need to end up looking like a fool. I guess I’ll just make a phone call to my local PD and see about the legality of everything first…

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Alright. So I just got off the phone with local PD. And the way the law is written, if he knows there is a firearm present in a vehicle he cannot ride in it. So as long as he has no idea that I’m carrying at any given time it shouldn’t interfere with my work.
Is there anything I may have overlooked? He saw me carrying once at my previous job last year. But that doesn’t mean he knows I carry all the time right?
But I forgot to check to see if I could find out who is a felon… I’ll have to call back probably after work or on lunch and see if I can find out if he’s lying or telling the truth.


Does that put you at any liability because you know he can’t ride in a car with a firearm? :thinking:


That’s a good question. One I didn’t thing about. But I don’t know. I guess I’ll call back and have to ask unless someone else knows like a former LEO…


@Dawn I spoke with the local PD again. I was told that most of the time if someone is a convicted felon and says so then they’re often times no lying. The officer also said that I wouldn’t get any backlash for it legally but he could. But considering the only time I’d ride with him is a swap of work vehicles and it’s always on my hip then I don’t have much to worry about. He said to just inform the officer of what’s going on and that he should be understanding since it’d be a swap of work vehicles during the day. So that clears all that up.

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I’ve been chatting with @KevinM and the person in charge of our reciprocity map - it sounds like you should be OK as long as you’ve got the firearm completely in your possession. But I’m very glad you spoke with your local police! The local law enforcement along with a local attorney will have the best information for your area.

Glad you’ve spoken with your local law enforcement, @luke_ouellette and are thinking big picture.

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To be fair I never would’ve thought about legal backlash to me if you had not said something.


That’s something I’ve picked up working for the USCCA - what legal backlash might there be? I’ve learned to look at things from all sides - good and bad.

Sometimes it’s sad that the negative possibilities come to mind, but in the long run it will help me keep myself and my loved ones safe.

Glad you’re talking to the local law enforcement and finding out what they have to say on the subject, @luke_ouellette!


That’s something that’s normally on my mind. The negativity of it all. The possible backlash and whatnot. But often times it’s easy to let something like that slip your mind.


@luke_ouellette what are your options for NOT riding with him? In the interest of not complicating your own life, you might want to ask your boss to partner you up with someone else.
part of CC is learning how to avoid situations that could be problematic. maybe this is one.


@Zee I actually have no choice in the matter. And apparently my boss saw my gun on me when I got out of the truck. He asked me if I was carrying and I said yes. He promptly got really mad and threatened to fire me if I carried into a customer’s house again. The last time talked about it though, he made it sound like he THOUGHT it would interfere with work and that he THOUGHT it was unnecessary. So is his threat of firing me even legal in the state of AL?


@luke_ouellette well that pretty much sucks.
have you talked with an AL lawyer about what your boss can, and can’t, tell you about carrying? If you haven’t, you might - it would be good to be prepared with the legal facts should it come up again.


I have not spoken to a lawyer since this happened literally yesterday. And talking to a lawyer costs money doesn’t it? And with me being so young and new to the job pursuing something like this legally would look bad. But knowing the legal facts wouldn’t be a bad thing to do… Especially since this wasn’t written out on paper before hand and all came to head because of a single misunderstanding from a conversation a few weeks ago.


Here is what I found. And it sucks so bad.