COVID Dissenfectant Possible Alternatives for home

I live on a Farm. Always used vetrinary products for personal health and occasional illnesses.
Wanted to throw this out to you as possible CHEAP alternatives for keeping your place protected. I encourage anyone with a different opinion or information to please chime in.
While wipes and the like have become hard to find, here is what I have done/used to keep surfaces clean and stay “safe”.

Hypochlorous Acid ULV500 500PPM (1 Gallon) For Dental And Medical Professionals, All Natural HOCL Surface Cleaner For ULV Foggers 80 times more effective than bleach.

Durvet B000HHSD8M n Chlorhexidine 2% Solution, 16 fl. oz (Pack of 2). Residual effect up to 2 days.

Again, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I just know what works on the farm. Just tossing this out for you to do your own research on the products and decide for yourself if you think they may benefit you.


Worth a look…

But, is it available. Interestingly, Lysol spray has been sold out for at least a month… and several other disinfectant sprays have been sold out. Been seeing certain other items missing on store shelves…

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YES, absolutely available. Ordered some last night. And, it is not expensive. I ordered through the links I posted. No issues at all.

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I like the ULV500, however is there something you know that we don’t, and should I purchase the $1,900.00 55 gallon drum? I have a bad feeling we’re in this for the next couple of years, 4 to be exact. Is it effective on liberal germs?

The bottom of the write up indicates a 6 month shelf life (I believe that is once opened). Better get 8 of them to go’full term’.

Dont know about the “liberal germs”, but not going to hurt. With that much you could put up a drip system surrounding your house with misters and just let it run. Kind of like they do in theme parks to keep the people in line cool while they are waiting. : )

Chlorhexidine is used as presurgical scrubs for patients and health care professionals alike. Fantasitc antimicrobial.
BE WARNED–If you get this in your eyes, it will permanently scar the cornea.
I love the 'all natural HOCL" From that description, any chemical is all natural!

THANK YOU for the input! I AM NOT A DR and have no formal training. PLEASE CORRECT anything I might suggest that may be dangerous if used or used improperly. MY experience is just from living and working on farms my whole life. When I got sick I was given veterinary medicines unless it was something serious. I still use them to this day. My co workers tease me about it, my DR just shakes his head and says, yeh, that is what I would have given you also. Then he prescribes a “people” version of the drug and tells me to take it.
In any case I DONT WANT TO MISLEAD OR SUGGEST ANYTHING POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, so PLEASE, correct anything you may see me post. I was totally unaware of the eye issue. Thanks for pointing it out.

John–they’re good ideas.