Hi, (@Dawn: if I can’t do this plz let me know)

I’m so frustrated on the lack of trustable data on COVID-19 that I made a survey.

I believe, if enough responses are collected, and if people are honest, we will have an infinitely better view into how lethal and dangerous this virus actually is or is not. It’s a 2 minute survey that covers how many people you know diagnosed/dead, and how many total people you know (based on whether you would expect to hear about their untimely passing, or about an illness that they have … so for me, it might be all of my social media accounts + active members of this community forum + in person contacts (like work, school, hobbies)



@iamteeg, a few questions that I think everyone will want to know:

Where did the survey come from?
Who is getting this information?
Are you tracking email addresses? (if this is from an outside source and is tracking email addresses, I’d say remove it)

I’ll leave it up for now, but please be completely transparent with where/how this information is being shared/used.


Good questions. Responses in order:

  1. I made the survey myself.
  2. I am getting the information. Intention is to share the data if I can get a sufficient number of responses to have valid data.
  3. No personal info is asked for.

Share with whom? For what purpose? I went a few questions into the survey before abandoning it. There is a lot of logic missing. Based on the first question, I shouldn’t have been presented with the remaining questions I saw.


EDIT: Here are the two questions that immediately seemed to throw off every response.
3. How many people would you expect to know if they contracted it (i.e. your social network size… relevant even if question 1 is no)…?
6. How many people would you expect to know if they died following being diagnosed with COVID-19 (i.e. your social network size… relevant even if question 4 is no)?

Shared with whom? I’d be making the data public, but no personal info is kept nor published anyway.
Most people won’t even care to see individual responses but the results and the details of my process.

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I haven’t seen anything wrong with the survey. If you answer these 6 questions honestly - this might be good another view of Covid19.
I don’t care with whom the answers are going to be shared, these are just numbers, nothing else.

@iamteeg - I honestly answered all 6 questions ! Hopefully you will collect enough data soon.


I answered to the best of my ability. I would opine that the vast majority of respondents will know someone who has tested positive but the main question would be how many of them can respond? The increase in “new” cases can only be taken seriously when the reporting is not $$ driven and second and third checks are not reported as new. The reality is that this is a bad flu bug and 99.98% of the population just needs to get on with life. People will die everyday from Covid or car crashes or suicide but the reality is 130K people (factor that down by 40% due to doctors meet dollars) in the course of the year is nothing. Does it suck? Yes. Stop life? No I’m just not there with you.




I looked at the results so far and the wording of the questions and they are pretty bad. I may try again someday. But I’m pulling this one.

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To be fair, I don’t know many people, so I probably wouldn’t know anyone that would be diagnosed or die from COVID19🤔. I have my wife, battle buddy, and my parents… I haven’t been on my facespace in a coons age and I don’t get out much.

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The answers to the third and sixth question should have been greater than 0 for everyone here…
Because we COULD hear if an active member here had it, I would think… although some people are private about their personal lives.

And, we all know SOME other people…
So, for example, my response as an estimate of reasonably who I would hear about, would be a pool of 500 people. Not 0 or 3 or 10…

But I do want to thank everyone who took the time and filled it out… It was my fault, the wording is hard on explaining that…

I don’t know if it helps, but…

I know of two people who have contracted it, both in other states. My cousin (around 60) who recovered, and my friend’s uncle, who is probably in his 70’s, and they don’t expect him to make it. One of my doctor’s said they had a family member contract it and recovered but I don’t remember the details.

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Survey’s are for gathering information in any form. I don’t especially care for an inside or outside survey. Don’t do it! In My humble opinion.