COVID-19 - Anyone Working from Home and Conceal Carrying?

@Zee looking at @TexasEskimo’s “fully concealed firearm”:



Another challenge you should work on in the privacy of your home is going to the little boys/girls room. It is a challenge in many public ones so think about how you would keep your EDC safe when you’re doing your business.

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This is why I like my UnderTech UnderCover shirts. My firearm stays put.


I was just about to ask this the other day (but I thought it would fall under the TMI category!) so I’m glad someone bought it up! What would one do in a public bathroom??? :thinking: :grin:

Thanks @OldGnome! Just Googled it and with or without a firearm, this would be a cool shirt (with the small zippered pocket) to travel with to keep my passport & important items on me and not worry as much about pickpockets.


Hey bud. I think your colostomy bag may need to be changed. :rofl::innocent:

Here’s a quick video on how to EDC larger guns :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t work at home but when I am home I leave my firearm within reach of my person at all times or it is locked up and within reach. As I live alone it is under my constant control.

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Yes I have been carrying everyday while at home. At first I was a bit nervous as the kids don’t typically see me carrying. They know I have the guns, they like the guns and know not to touch them without supervision and permission. They don’t even give it a second look anymore. There are other consequences though, they do periodically run into it when they are trying to get some horse play started. I carry a full frame 1911 so there is usually a resounding thunk upon contact. We are all working on it, me keeping my side turned away from them. Them trying to remember that they are 6 now, bigger and taller than they used to be. Door knobs, door frames table corners etc are all starting to present challenges that were never there before.

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I carry everyday all day. nothing has changed in that respect. i still go and get coffee several times a day, and have a dog so still have to walk him. the things that have changed is i actually am almost being forced to be productive and get work done instead of roaming around my office building. and not spending money on unneeded things. Not real sure that the $1.200 checks we will all be getting soon is enough payment for being forced to change the normal activity.

Even before the “stay at home” I’d gone to just carrying concealed at home. I started doing it to get comfortable with carrying in general, and then saw no reason to stop. I thought about stopping with “stay at home”, since I have other options, but decided to continue. It just makes things like going out for a walk or doing the occasional grocery run easier. I don’t have to think about getting my gun before walking out the door, If I’m dressed I’m ready.

Carrying at home even paid off the other night when my wife wanted to go outside late at night to look at the supermoon. As we walked out the front door she expressed some concern about the Mountain Lions and Bears that are regularly spotted in our rural area. But I was already armed, so we kept on walking.

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I’m never more than arms reach from my handgun unless it is the law that I can not be armed.

Working from home here. I have always carried concealed everywhere in my house. I have a two story house and the front door is in front of the stairs leading upstairs. The main bedrooms are upstairs. I’m usually in the kitchen table downstairs working. If anyone bust in through the front door it would be hard for me to get upstairs to get to my weapons.