Countering Anti-Firearm Media Bias

I really hate to get political. I’m a strong proponent in moderation and keeping things as balanced as possible (a hard thing to accomplish in this environment), but I’ve been made more and more aware of the negative perceptions of firearms within the media over the last few years. Yes, there does seem to have been an uptick in mass or high-profile shootings (copy-cat crimes and such), but as I read through article after article I can’t help but wonder if there’s a stronger bias towards firearms and gun ownership than in the past. Yes, I know the media is bias. Yes I know they sway liberal, but I think we can all agree that such has gotten worse in the last few months.

Now I get it; The Uvalde shooting was horrific, as was Columbine and Sandy Hook prior, and all the others, but I’ve always had this voice in the back of my head as I read through the recent media offerings touting, even heralding the violence of guns in the hands of criminals and madmen; what about the “good guys”? What about the times when someone with a gun prevented a crime or saved a life? Surely those events and news stories are out there, too, right? A little cursory research shows that yes, there are plenty of times, even daily, in which someone with a firearm successfully and justifiably employed a gun to save themselves or the lives of innocents, and sometimes such stories are reported in the news. However the ‘news’ reporting these are typically local publications or magazines such as our own Concealed Carry, True Stories section. Rarely, if ever, do such ‘good guy’ stories make national news.

Now I don’t have all the answers, but I believe something should be done, even as a grassroots campaign, to fairly and realistically promote stories in which firearms were used to save lives instead of using confirmation bias to promote stores in which firearms were used to take lives. I do like what Concealed Carry does in that regard. I think it’s a definite step in the right direction, however I think they should put dates on those stories to ensure their recent and relevant. So spread those stories on social media. Link back to them in your posts to promote not just the stories but the brave news outlets who choose to run them. Maybe, together, we can increase some awareness and provide a more balanced view of firearms within American culture.

Again, I really hate getting all political or conspiratorial about the “mainstream media” and all that, but in the case against guns, I 100% believe that there is overwhelming and unfair biasness there.

Okay, rant over. Stay safe out there, all.



30 years ago I remember the bias of the reporters covering the LA riots. Watch some of the footage of them discussing the rooftop Koreans guarding their stores.
It’s on YouTube