Coumo Gets An Emmy

Apparently Coumo is getting an emmy award???

“The Founders Award, which Cuomo will receive Monday, annually recognizes an individual or group that “crosses cultural boundaries to touch our common humanity.””

I never thought of an emmy as a participation trophy for liars, actually I never really thought of it much at all, but here we are…


@Greg35 With that pinched face I think he needs a full colonic…oh wait, you sad Emmy.


Giving an award to a man who told nursing homes to take in elderly folks with CV19, that’s like giving an award for for mass murder, sorry for this statement folks but that is what this guy is, and he does not care for the people of NY, and does not need to be in office.


An Emmy for best performance??? He sure did with over 33,000 deaths and the worst policy


Puts this award on the right shelf. Right next to the Nobel Peace Prize and socially just Oscar’s.

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Politics has always involved a lot of acting. Now we’re giving awards for it. :smile:

It’s only suiting to win a trophy for the office they were awarded also.

Never thought a whole lot of the Hollyweird awards. I think even less of them now.

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He won a Emmy for “best new tyrant”. He beat Wolf from PA.

Easy people. I believe the award is supposed to be sarcastic for the crappy way he rules his kingdom.

If only it were so…



As long as we are giving away awards!
It’s more like Charles Manson getting the good neighbor award or Rosanne Barr getting the golden buzzer on America’s Got Mediocrity, or Ted Bundy winning the dating game or Jeffery Dahmer becoming the Iron Chef. Governor Coumo receives Emmy for killing thousands of New Yorkers. John Lithgow said it best, “kill one man and you’re a murderer, kill a thousand and you’re a conqueror “

When we go high, they got as low as they could, they are still digging! When does Oregon Governor Kate Brown receive the Golden Syringe Award? There are a lot of awards to go around. But I haven’t seen a single award for the guy who provided the vaccine or cure (in RECORD TIME) for covid19. You know Biden will take the credit and name it the Biden vaccine. Think I’m kidding, wait for it, wait for it…
I think Trump should dump it all and let Biden start from scratch, Biden said he could do it better, I say bring it on, put your stolen votes where your mouth is. I’ll even wear a mask til he finds the cure. If the cure is not found within 6 months using his own hand picked doctors and none of the companies that founded the original vaccine, then we take him out back and impeach everyone associated with him, from China to Hunter! Fair is fair! Gonna “Build Back Better”

Furthermore, Trump should, by all means, DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING, from Area 51 to Kennedy and the Intelligence community’s involvement in social media! Spill all the beans. Let’s get woke. No one else seems to have a solution. I’ve always learned, if you’re not part of that solution you’re part of the problem. Anyone have a better solution?

This beats a civil war. That’s what we should see on the Jumbotron as 2020 sinks into the sunset. Every unredacted piece of paper known to man! Oust every lie from 2016! Then I’ll raise a glass and sing.

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…and a Grammy in spoken word category :trophy:

are going to hear it is sabotage from Trump and millions of his supporters.

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Like impeachment wasn’t? Sometimes you need to get dirt under your fingernails.