Could it be this easy to disrupt your

Not saying this is a government conspiracy, maybe it’s just an anomaly, kind of like the 5G interfering with airplane landings.
It does beg the question, could your, cell phone, GPS, Lap Top, Car, home security system, debit card, electric meter easily be disabled by and “Unknown” source? Like a Government entity or maybe a foreign Government entity or maybe a criminal enterprise.

As a side not, the Bluffdale Data Center is not too far away from where these folks are complaining about “interference”, just sayin.

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I have sure anything and everything electronic could be disabled by a number of things.

This is why there are some things I don’t really want to ever make electronic only. Like the locks on the doors to my home. I’d say more but OPSEC, there are degrees of security to physical keys/locks.

I understand there are electronic locks that have physical key backups but I haven’t yet been impressed with the keys they use. I’m going down my own self made rabbit hole I know lol

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How close is this place to skin walker ranch?


Skinwalker is on the other side of the mountain, to the east. Probably 40-50 miles as the crow fly’s.

They should get some trifield device out there and track the signals in the area. It is also good for checking your house for bugs!

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Isn’t it like a combination lock that you change the combination to
IE: the same manufacturers door openers have dip switches to set :question:

Try changing the the settings.


The more modern remotes do away with dip switches.

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