Correlation of BLM protesting and homicides

This is not about 2020, this is a 5-year trend. This is not about cause and effect, but statistical correlation.
6000 dead bodies equals the aftermath of war between Russia and Ukraine in roughly same time frame, with militaries fighting on land, see and in the air.


6,000 seems a lot until one considers
Chicago had 769 homicides in 2020 alone.

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6000 “in excess” of expectations. I am not sure what expectations for Chicago is, the number must be horrifying.

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I heard a news report last year that Chicago had had 72 shootings in one weekend - as the weather warms up, remember that the criminals and kooks come right out of the wallpaper!

Methinks Chicago has a quota system.

I’m just shocked.

Sarcasm wasted on some folks