Coronavirus Fun and Training

So, I just saw this. Looks fun to me. I have no idea if anyone else is doing this, but maybe we should get a friendly competition going, just for fun.

If you’re interested, shoot a coronavirus target with an airsoft gun and see how we do.


That’s awesome.
Actually I’ve already shot BB at March Target Competition.
It’s gonna be fun to shoot CV target!

I hear its fun. There is a store by me that sells the pistols and some are more expensive than real pistols

Plenty of time for dry fire! I actually got one of those iTarget sleds that you can mount your phone to. Clear your weapon and put one of their laser cartridges into the chamber and get some good marksmanship or draw practice in your living room! Of course, be safe and make sure to unload and keep ammo far away when dry firing! Every day is a training day, if you’re not making yourself better someone else is!