Cops Will Search Your Car Whenever They Want


Yep, one of it’s various names is called “Caddy Search.”

If they have reasonable suspicion a crime has or is about to be committed then they have probable cause to search interior of vehicle.

However, all law enforcement agencies should keep in mind that any violation of persons 4th Amendment is cause for ‘evidence’ to be tossed and shooting their credibility to ground FOREVER!


I think we need a new law. If police choose to search your vehicle they must detail it as they search. After they’re finished I’ll tip them like I do at the car wash.


Also, can they put all the stuff back in the car?


They can search my truck whenever. It’s literally empty aside from the manual, wheel key, and insurance paper… it’s just going to be a waste of time, and 90% of the time I am working and get paid by the hour… How’s the old saying go? “Boss makes a dollar, and I make a dime. So, why not get searched on company time?”, or something like that?


No problem. I carry a list of all the ■■■■ that I know I had in the car but never could find. PLEASE! do a thorough search and find my crap!!!


Probable cause, reasonable suspicion. 3rd, 4th, 6th, 14th amendment are all reasons to take a search to court. Also if invoking the 5th, state so, do not just clam up. It doesn’t work that way. Be courteous and lawyer up.

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I agree with @MtnDewey-BSBCJA.

It’s possible that in a search you consent to the police they find something to charge you with.

Examples: Rusty beer can in bed of truck: Yep, you got that right fellas! If they were being A-holes they could charge you with open container.

Another bad example, trust who’s in your vehicle. All it takes is a brother in law who you dislike, tossing his dime bag of marijuana when the red & blues turn on and bang! Your getting a summons or braclets down town all because your wife made you take him home after the family dinner (if that scenario is true for one of you, I’m sorry).

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I know in Mississippi driving any motor vehicle by a licensed driver on public roadways statewide is giving the consent to search.

Interesting. Do you have the state code which indicates this?

I am familiar with implied consent, but cannot imagine it applying to a vehicle without probable cause. In which case there would already be reason to search.

I live in Mississippi and that is not the law.

It’s not specific to a code but a combination of vehicle enforcement duties. “Interpreted by the law”

No, the 4th amendment is recognized in Mississippi. I’ve denied searches successfully in Mississippi.

As have I. Doesn’t prohibit LEO having bad day finding a fit.

Right, but that’s different than implied consent.

I was a trooper in MD years ago.

At that point, we had a sheet for the driver to sign indicating consent.

If we asked and they said “No,” they drove off. Simple.

My dad got a parking ticket while visiting Eastern Europe years ago. The policeman was there at the car when my dad arrived back, and said he’d been waiting to make sure the fine was paid. So my dad paid the fine… then tipped him, “for his trouble” having to wait.

I also live in Mississippi and I agree, that is not the law. I was asked by a LEO at a roadblock about 3 weeks ago if he could search my vehicle. I said NO. He asked why not? I asked him if I could search his vehicle. He said don’t be stupid. I told him the same answer applies to his question. He begrudgingly said I could go.


Way back in the eighties I was driving around late on a Friday or Saturday night and crossed over the state line from NY into NJ. I ended up going through a DUI roadblock, and as I pulled up to the first cop and rolled down my window, he handed me a flier explaining the roadblock and giving instructions.

There were cars pulled over on the side for those who didn’t pass the preliminary check and were going to have to go through whatever step followed for their situation.

After I made it through the roadblock I wandered around NJ for a little bit until I decided to head back to NY, so I went back the same way I came.

When I pulled up to the first cop in line and rolled down my window, I thought it would be a bright idea to hand him the flier that I already had as a joke.

He did not think it was funny at all. Luckily, he just chewed me out and sent me on my way.