Cops Seek Suspects Who Turn Fender Benders Into Carjackings

I get it. Often times it’s due to failures at multiple points. It’s not that something is wrong with the law. IMO, it’s more to how the laws are applied, which seem to be the problem. Every law nowadays seems to be subject to someone’s interpretation! And depending on how much money… Let me stop here…I feel you.


I’m with you, I’m not exiting the vehicle unless it is disabled or trapped, pretty much in any possible defense situation period.

You just lose so much of everything by not being behind the wheel or in the vehicle any more


This sort of thing has been going on for years. At one point they were using the same fender bender tactic for insurance scams. Now they started graduating to armed car jackings. I hope that who ever is doing this is stopped because eventually a good NYC citizen who is unarmed will get killed due to lack of being able to defend themselves. NY needs to start issuing CC permits to good, hardworking New Yorkers. It’s ashamed that the city which I grew up in and enjoyed, made a career for 20 years has turned into this. I will never live their again but I still have family which I will visit once in a while. Went off course there but anyways I hope and pray that the perpetrators that are doing this get caught or run into a legally armed citizen who is not afraid to defend themselves.