Coping strategies with Covid 19 restrictions

In the beginning of the quarantine it didn’t really bother me at all. I have a few friends I chat with, play some videogames, binge a season of some new Netflix show. Hang out with my wife. Go to the range, the usual.

But she has started having to be in more virtual meetings, so I can’t be in the living room shooting it up on video games. Plus it’s just been beautiful weather.

So my main coping strategy right now is taking 2-3 hour drives in my convertible, top down, and enjoying the cheap gas. Drove 200 miles yesterday (went to lake) cost me more to get snacks for the drive than it did gas.

I’ve been working over a couple of gun dealers trying to get a certain gun.

But I am starting to get the Covid 19 blues.


:joy: This sounds like happy retirement.

Last week I had to drive to my Customer to replace broken device. Usually I’d take expressway to be there in 30 minutes.
That time I decided to use my GPS to find the slowest and longest route. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I enjoyed long, slow drive with opened car’s windows and sun in my eyes. :sunny:


Me and my wife look forward to going grocery shopping but it’s difficult watching everyone with masks on. We take walks by the lake. That’s how we are coping.


We bought bicycles for all 3 of us. As far as coping with masks, and not going to the store, or church. I will not comply. If they are open, I’ll be there, and you can see my smile.


@Zavier_D I’ll send you this, it works as advertised. As a matter of fact I used it just yesterday and ordered a new Kel-Tec PCC.


It’s been beautiful out, so I’ve been procrastinating on my in-door projects and prioritizing landscape projects.

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i’m all in on the brick but no one has either of the guns I’m interested in

Sig Rattler Pistol in .300 Blackout

Daniel Defense pistol in .300 Blackout.


Just put a 6.5 Grendel upper on an old Colt lower. Having a blast getting it ready to go with accesories. The only delay is actually getting things from gun vendors these days. Many shipping delays. Can’t wait to shoot it next week.