Constructive Legislation

The 9th Circuit has long carried the nickname of “9th Circus”, due to their legal shenanigans - I’ve always considered it a collection of aging crackpots, that goes out of its way to create delays and obstacles for truly constructive and progressive laws and legislation. This will never happen, but if you live in a home, and have paid a mortgage over decades, how about eliminating or significantly reducing your property taxes once you reach retirement age? PA residents have fought over this for years. In SC, you had to pay an annual, prorated use tax on autos and boat motors when I lived there, thanks to a bill the lt. governor managed to ramrod through the legislature before I moved from OH. I don’t know if it was repealed, but residents had fought over it for years. In NC and GA, you had to pay a personal property tax, which I believe included firearms.

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There are enough laws and regulations on the books already that are only occasionally enforced. The only reason any new legislation is introduced is either to restrict rights or get more money from you into the government coffers. God help you if the defense of the legislation begins with “It’s for the children…” because you are about to loose a freedom. I liked the 2 for one deal that Trump was requiring, remove two regulations to create a new one. Any new legislation introduced today is already covered by about a dozen laws on the books. It’s all a sh!t show.