Constitutional rights and an imposed darkness

This seemed important to me, and affects the very core of our two most contested rights.

Our present situation.

Darkness is simply not having any useful light to see by. Smoke or clouds can do much the same thing as you can see your own hand, or your foot on the ground, but still you have no useful ability to see your surroundings or where your going, and then there are blinders or putting a bag over your head. Point is, there are a number of ways to achieve the same result. One of the best ways, if you want to get people to accept darkness, is to do none of those things and instead, erect a screen upon which you project a picture, or movie, that replaces the view the screen is blocking. This way there are no blinders, clouds, or smoke, and most importantly, there is no sensation of being “in the dark” even though you are in every other sense of the term, as vulnerable and blind as if you were sitting in total darkness, with one added disadvantage, that being that you don’t even realize your blind!

This is the grave danger that a corrupt and partizan media represents to a nation. It plunges that nation into darkness, or worse, an effective darkness that people could fail to recognize, or more often in our greedy “me first” culture, CHOOSE to not recognize, when doing so would only threaten some hoped for gains.

Interestingly, the screen, and the deception, do not even have to be un recognized in order to work, because the fact that everyone knows the screen is there, and the images are false, does not change the fact that you STILL can not see past it! This is why disinformation and lies continue to work even after people know they are lies, because in spite of the fact that you know your being lied too, despite the fact that you know the information your given is false, your sight is still blocked, you still can’t see what’s there, and so you are, just as blind as if you were in total darkness.

This is why the media doesn’t really care if you know they are liars. This is why social media doesn’t care if you know they are partizan and censoring in favor of their friends. They don’t care because the primary goal is still working perfectly, the people are, for every meaningful intent and purpose, in the dark.

After that, all that needs to be done, is to extinguish any large light source that may appear, and the people will never be able to see what is really going on. much less all of them at once. The situation is then made exponentially worse if you have a large percentage of the population conditioned, by what ever means, such that they NEED the false narrative to continue, they NEED it to continue to be accepted. In that way, you get a large portion of the deceived who will DEFEND the deception, and help keep it going, DEMAND that it be accepted, and become VERY hostile to anyone, or anything, that threatens it.

My dear friends, that is our present situation in the United States of America, and indeed, much of the rest of the world as well.

The liars and narrative pushers don’t care one bit that you may know them for what they are, they have their support, a motivated and very needing base of support, and they are still able to grow both their power, and their wealth, even as you try helplessly, to get people to see them for what they are, all the while, not quite realizing, that many of them don’t WANT to know if they are in the dark, because they like the dark they are in, and don’t want it to change! This is why so many are being encouraged to cross our boarders, because each and every one of them will want to support the darkness too, at nearly any cost.

It should be no surprise that at such a time as this the very idea of truth it self, is under attack. What better way to keep the truth from being accepted than to claim that truth doesn’t exist! So even if the truth comes to light, there is yet still an argument against it’s being accepted. If all else fails to hide the truth, and the truth will out, then just deny that truth even matters, deny that truth is true! That may sound nuts, and it is, but if enough people will buy it… and they will because they so desperately need that false narrative to continue … then even that nutty argument will be used, as it is this very day!

Step number one in resolving any situation you may find yourself in, is to recognize the situation for what it is. There is no way we can correct our course until first we can see where we really are, and where we really need to go, and in order to do that, we must first resolve the problem of being kept, deliberately, in the dark.

This is what our constitutional rights are REALLY about, and this is the REAL reason they are under attack. So that we can be kept in the dark, and denied any ability to demand the light.

This we must first resolve so as to have the light to see the rest.


This is to say that it’s as much , or more, about the information we DON’T get, as it is about the quality of information we do get.


You’ve just described North Korea.
The problem as I “see” it, is very few of us see the light.
Isn’t that Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”?

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I will have to look that up and “see”

Quite right, there is nothing new under the sun, and, those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it, but you also have to include those who are ignorant of history, which is why the teaching, and interpretation of history, has become such a crucial battleground.


Add to that, We’ll take care of EVERYTHING. Covid? We’ll send checks. Unemployed? We’ll send money. Can’t pay your rent? We have programs for that. Sick? We’ll cover that. Afraid? We have people…
It’s like many Americans have sold their souls to “The Government”. Just send me free stuff and we’ll be a compliant sheeple. Don’t defend yourself socially or intellectually, we got you covers, we know what you NEED to think…


Santa Claus at least has a nice or naughty list.
Big government doesn’t discriminate.


It’s a lot like that. But the spending to do that can only be kept up for just so long before reality sets in, then the things they start doing after that are not so pleasing to people, and it’s then that the true price of it is revealed. And one of those costs turns out to be your freedom to make your own choices. About half the nation is already feeling that, where Govt. is helping one sector of Americans force the other sector of Americans into choices they don’t want. Soon enough though, even those bullying with the help of the Govt. will themselves find they too are being forced into things they don’t want, but there will be no power left in the hands of the people by then, to object, much less stop it.